Saturday, 7 September 2013

Required Preparations To Get A Home Again

Before I can start living in Germany these are the items on the check list:

- Finding a place to rent.
- Setting up internet, water, electricity, etc. there.
- Moving my stuff out of the old place in Almere.
- Cancelling rent, insurance, etc.
- Moving said stuff to the new place in Germany.
- Requesting confirmation that I can stay in Germany (Aufenthaltserlaubnis).
- Things I forgot.

The first part is going to take a bit of time to get arranged, but there should be no problems there. Obtaining my stuff from the apartment in Almere is going to be the part I'm absolutely not looking forward to in any way or sense, but it has to be done if I want to get most of my possessions back. The rest is just tedious, really.

I looked around a bit already in the direct area of Karlsruhe and it's looking quite promise. I think I'm nearly over the positive sticker shock effect of the super-low renting prices here compared to in the Netherlands.

I'm really hoping that I can move into my new place before the end of this year.


1 comment:

Jason Speechley said...

I like the order of your to do list :)
Especially how checking to see if they'll let you, is 2nd last. Very rebellious =^_^=

And yes, getting your stuff back is going to be unpleasant, but you'll be glad you got it all afterwards