Sunday, 7 February 2016

Veiled worlds: a new short story

I just published a new short story, which can be read for free at Scribd:

It's 7 pages in total, with as main genre 'thriller'. Due to certain... graphic scenes I'd recommend it for ages 16+.

Now, for those interested I will discuss the why and what of this story below. This means spoilers, naturally.

I first got the idea for this story last year and even began to work on it. The central premise is that of being close to 'normal' life, yet unable to interact with the people inhabiting that normal life despite there only being a flimsy barrier between them and the main character.

The actual events described in the story are partially based on my own experiences, specifically the scenes of domestic abuse, and my own experiences of feeling isolated from normal society. The latter contributed significantly to the original idea for the story as well as the feelings experienced by the main character.

I can say that I have never been physically tied down in the way that the main character in the story was, but the feeling of psychological bonds are quite similar. There was also that event where a doctor sent the police after me, who then had me locked up in a cell for an entire night for no good reason. That feeling of helplessness, hopelessness and the intense realisation that nothing you can do matters is among the most horrible feelings a human being can ever fear to experience.

With that latter event there was also a large amount of humiliation involved, of the kind described in the story, just less messy and with a lot less privacy. They are things which should be traumatising to any sane, reasonable human being and I feel that it is that kind of debasement, of reducing a human being to something less than a beast which is among the most inhumane of acts.

To me this story is relatively extreme, and I have questioned for a while whether or not I should even publish it. In the end I feel that it is still a story others may wish to read, even if it's not exactly a pleasant read. I hope that you, the reader, will agree with that assessment.

As for the ending of the story, the question of whether the main character survives is left open. In the end it's not what it is about after all, don't you agree?



Hugo B. Gonzalez said...

Hi Maya!

I hope everything is well. As for your short story "Veiled Worlds"..., interesting that you can make a physically bound and restrained person do and feel so much in your words is quite an extraordinary feat. Well done!
I found the ending though, almost troubling in that it might be how you feel in just letting everything go and finally having your what you think peace might be. It is the easy way the majority of people take.
You Maya, are the most precious of blue diamonds amongst a sea of quartz. Your talents is boundless...
You know things in life worthwhile take arduous work and effort to finally reap its rewards. I believe you are getting closer than ever to achieving and fulfilling your life's quest. Stay on course...

Your friends,
Sneakers & Hugo :)

Tip: realise is realize.

Maya Posch said...

Hello Hugo :)

Thank you for your commentary. There's a lot going through a person's mind in such a situation, I guess. One seeks a solution, until one has to admit that there's absolutely nothing one can do, in which case one can finally let go.

As for my use of British English, I'm sticking to it ;)