Friday, 20 February 2009


A few things: first of all I got a phone call from the VUMC earlier for an appointment. March 9th, with a doctor Gijs. We'll see what comes out of it.

Secondly, when I turned on my work mobile phone earlier it told me the SIM card was rejected even after power cycling the phone a few times. While trying to open the phone to replace the SIM card I got so frustrated with this Nokia 3310's shell design that I threw it against the wall. The cover is off now, but the LCD screen is a goner. Yes, I suck for getting angry.

Sadly it's also the phone I use for contacting clients, so now they can't even reach me by phone. In other words I really need a replacement phone. Anyone have an old (Nokia) phone they don't use anymore? As long as I can call and be called with it and it handles text messages it's fine. SIM-lock free would be nice too ^_^


I really don't feel like spending 50 Euro or so on a phone right now...



Jan said...

Maya, ik heb nog wel een mobieltje voor je liggen. Hij is licht beschadigd maar werkt goed. Als je interesse hebt mail dan even naar:
Je kent me niet maar ik lees je blog al ongeveer een jaar en wil je wel helpen.
Groetjes, Jan

zakir ahmed said...

hey iam with u on this issue :P .. i lost my phone recently and me dont have money to buy one :P