Sunday, 3 January 2010

Dream: Survival-Horror

We had been fighting against whatever we found in the tunnels underneath the school building for what seemed an eternity. They weren't zombies or anything as dull as that. Our ranks got thinned out rapidly until all we could do was flee. We gathered in one of the halls of the school on the ground floor and discussed things, then gathered supplies. I remember looking at some scissors and other items I knew so well and wanting to take them with me out of some sense of empathy and perhaps a longing to a peaceful time.

The remaining students gathered at the main entrance and some of us went outside first. Through the glass windows in the doors we could follow their progress. They got about ten meters from the entrance when one of them sank down to the ground, clearly dead. Others around him pulled out guns. I asked a girl and others who were standing next to me, also looking through the windows what in hell was happening. Nobody answered me. Then the first survivors returned.

The girl who first hurried back through the doors mentioned an aircraft, by which I think she meant a helicopter, which appeared and fired upon them. She shook her head wildly and said that they didn't want us to leave because we knew and they would never let us leave.

Meanwhile a group of people we didn't know were rumoured to have entered the building and were taking over the school floor by floor. Some of us still felt we had to leave. We assembled at some back door. Outside it was raining. The others were wearing coats, including one girl I also know outside the dream. I wasn't wearing anything over my sweater and felt annoyed that it'd get all dirty during our escape and hiding.

Then when the others left through the door into the rain, I decided to not follow them after all, and instead went up the two flights of stairs to my room. In the hall before my room I encountered a guy walking in my direction. I seemed to know him because I reacted angrily, grabbing him by his hair and forcing him to the floor. I then proceeded to my room, which was apparently an attic room. Once inside I could see that its contents were hardly touched, to my great relief. Then the guy I had just encountered in the hallway entered the room as well. I looked at him and said: "You didn't...", apparently aiming at the state of the room.

Next I know I'm lying next to him on a bed. There's also another guy in the room at this point and they are both talking to each other. I'm feeling quite safe while looking at the yellow sunlight brightening up the room through the only window I can I can see from where I'm lying. I feel comfortable lying so close to this guy, though I do feel a bit uncertain about my body being somewhat weird.

Then the guy I'm lying next to asks me what was going on, and I react somewhat upset, blurting out something about something terrible underneath the building and 'them' not wanting others to learn about it. He responds by telling me that they haven't seen anything unusual, which makes me feel very confused. I wonder out loud whether I imagined it all, when I find myself rushing through all these images and scenes which appear like video game characters, such as those from World of Warcraft.

It are scenes of battles between mages and such as well as of groups of generic lords gathering on stands for a meeting or such. I wonder whether I have truly lost my mind when I suddenly wake up.


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