Friday, 15 January 2010

Photographing The Madonna

As I'm writing this I'm on the edge of toppling over from exhaustion. Please excuse any mistakes or oddities which may derive from this.

At this moment I'm reminded of the events of yesterday by the soreness in many muscles and joints, some of which I didn't even know existed. It reminds me strongly of the first photoshoot I had, which also left me feeling as though I had had an unfortunate encounter with a freight train.

At around 11 AM the photographer arrived at my house. The first hours we spent mostly talking, drinking coffee (she, not me), walking Pieter's dogs and discussing the options with the photoshoot. My impression of this photographer (who as an aside has her site at ) was that of a very frank and open woman, who appears to have many similarities with my personality. It was no wonder we had a good time together.

With the article focusing on the emotional aspects and my feelings in general rather than the cold facts, a few photos symbolizing this would be nice, so we set to work. Location was the living room.

Trying numerous positions and looks and lighting, we slowly worked towards the ideal photo, according to Sasha. Eventually she got pretty excited and kept saying something about me looking like a Madonna ( After the last series was taken she dragged me to a darker part of the room and showed me the last series she had taken. I immediately had to agree that it looked like something you would see in a classical painting of the Madonna, or a classical painting in general.

Together with a few other pictures it filled the requirement for at least multiple variations of two types of pictures, namely the main photo, which would be printed the largest, and a smaller picture, to be used on the next page. I can't show anyone yet what these photos look like as I haven't received them yet from Sasha, and even then I wouldn't be allowed to show them. So, just a bit of patience please :)

After the photoshoot the fun started, with me getting a splitting headache (from looking at so many bright lights without being able to avert my eyes) and generally feeling drained combined with the onset of sore and stiff muscles. After a brief nap and some painkillers I felt better. Despite this discomfort it was more than worth it, though.

This morning I'm still not feeling okay, though. I'm feeling quite tired with little appetite, and the nausea I felt this morning was even more severe than usual. I think I just need to catch up on some sleep, though. I didn't sleep that well last night.


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