Thursday, 25 November 2010

German Magazine Interview

Some time after noon today I was visited by the German journalist as I mentioned before for my interview for the German magazine Maxi. She (Soerre Wieck) turned out to be a very nice person and we had a long (~3 hours) and fun interview. Interesting coincidence was that the copy of the current magazine which she had mailed to me some time last week ended up arriving just as we were finishing up the interview. We were joking about it being faster for her to take the magazine along next time than to mail it. I still wonder how it's possible for mail to be delivered with 1 day in the Netherlands and 1-2 in Germany, yet for it to take about a week to mail the same between these countries.

I learned that Maxi, the magazine, was looking at writing an article about intersexuality, and Soerre ended up searching on internet looking for inspiration. She ended up stumbling over my website. That she contacted me shortly after the broadcast here on national TV was simply mere coincidence. On which note, I put the edited and English sub-titled version of that broadcast online, on my website's Media page and on YouTube.

Using Sony Vegas I cut out the sections which didn't feature me as well as the intro. It felt kind of good to remove those parts, I must say :) At any rate it turned out to be a 13 minute, 25 second long video after editing. More than 250 subtitle lines had to be written. This time I used Aegisub instead of my usual Sabbu for the subtitling and timing, which was a positive experience after I changed my speaker setup to stereo as somehow it'd otherwise refuse to output on the front-left/right channels and thus my headphones. Weird.

I ended up having issues with VirtualDub with the x264 codec, resulting in out of sync streams. Using Avidemux's implementation solved this. It wasn't easy, but hopefully worth it :) Maybe Soerre will pick up a few more things from it as well. She said she'd watch it later.

Today's interview wasn't very different from previous interviews, though it seemed mostly focused on facts, with my feelings more secondary. It felt fine. She also asked a question which I don't really remember, but which resulted in me saying something about how I experience things differently from people without PTSD, which basically came down to that my traumas make me very vulnerable for new traumas and that's why I can't easily shrug off things others wouldn't give a second thought, such as meeting hurtful/negative people and getting hurt in relationships, as these can amplify existing or create new traumas. I think I got a few new insights there.

I'm pretty sure we treated every other subject as well. The interview was done in English, of course, and I had no trouble understanding Soerre. In other news, a German accent is kind of cute :) Also cute are my Hello Kitty plushies, according to her at least (me too, I guess :D ). At the end of the interview I felt satisfied albeit with a slight headache and feeling drained, as is usual after such an interview. It's not easy to do such a long interview and still feel alert afterwards. I'm glad I didn't have to drive home :D

According to Soerre the article will be published in January. Maxi magazine uses a publication schedule in which the month name on the magazine is one month out of sync with the actual month for some reason. The copy I got today, for example, is the November number, but is called the December number. It probably makes sense on some level, but at least it means that the article will be published one month sooner than I believed before.

Today was most definitely a good day, even if I'm now even more behind on my work schedule :P


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