Saturday, 20 November 2010


A while ago I encountered this girl my first impression of whom was decidedly negative, yet she kept hanging around. Some people near me actually did like her, and told me that she really wasn't a bad person, that she read my blog and actually cared about my situation. I couldn't decide whether my first impression was off, that I was overreacting in some way and that I could actually like her somewhat. Until yesterday when this girl finally showed her true colours, and made it abundantly clear in some comments on my blog that she doesn't think much of me, accusing me of many things I would never even dream of. This came as a relief because at that point I could firmly put her into the 'negative person' category and move on, as I refuse to interact with negative people. Chapter closed. Hopefully. I have a hunch I'll get harassed for a bit longer as that's generally how such people boost their self-esteem, like bullies on the playground. Which is something I'm quite familiar with :)

Yesterday I got invited to a graduation party of a friend, the British girl I used to date. It is today, in Amsterdam. I'm pretty sure I'll be going, if only to get away from things here a bit and mingle with people, even if I only know this British girl well, one friend of her somewhat and everyone else is a complete stranger to me :P

My work on my cousin's site is going well, albeit slower than expected. I'm still debugging the Content Management System for it, but fortunately it's nearly done. I'll be more than happy to hand over the keys to her. Of course, after that's all done I'll have to keep developing this Nyanko CMS as it's merely a prototype at this point and I think it's brave of my cousin that she's willing to use it for her company's site :)

The first playable version of TileWars will be ready by the end of next week, thus Trevor assured me. I have a feeling that I'll have to get back to working full-time on that game soon as there are still a number of things I have to do. Even more reason to be happy that NCMS is nearly fully working, I guess.

Next week Thursday I'll have a journalist of the German magazine Maxi flying over from Hamburg for an interview. This will be my foreign debut in the media, and I'm really looking forward to it. So far Germany has been the only country which has had a positive effect on my medical case, and maybe by appearing in a German magazine which is read by about 600,000 people something good will come out of it. As far as I know the article would be published in the February number next year, but magazines like to shuffle things around a lot.

All together still quite a bit to be relieved about, even if other parts of my life aren't really working out yet.


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