Friday, 13 January 2012

Cats Have Sharp Claws, And MRI Results

I'll keep this brief as one of my fingers got mutilated by a cat yesterday and it hurts to type :)

After my weekly visit to the beauty salon yesterday I made my way to the train station when I saw this girl struggling with a very big and obviously very heavy cardboard box. After she accepted my help we carried it to her place, a number of streets away. It contained a scratching post for her cat, one of those big ones with the platforms and other stuff cats adore. Once at her place she offered me something to drink, which I accepted after a moment's doubt.

I must have spent there about two hours, playing with her cat, an 8-month old male, who managed to give me a few scratches including this one on my finger. We also drank tea and chatted about a lot of stuff, including the things which occupy me. It was kind of weird in a pleasant way to sit there in what was the home of a stranger who I had only met moments before, comfortably talking about life's issues. At least I hope the poor girl I was imposing on felt comfortable too :) In the end I gave her my business card and she shoved me out of the door. I guess we both lost track of time.

In some ways I'm glad that things are finally changing for me, even if it's very hard and tiring. This morning I got the MRI results from the knee specialist. He told me that the MRI was clear with no damage visible to the meniscus, ligaments or other tissues. The cause of my knee issues is blunt trauma to the knee resulting in bruised bone. This is something which will have to heal on its own and can take quite a long time in doing so. That it was caused by how the police treated me early last year might be fairly obvious by now.

While relieved that no surgery or anything else major is necessary I do feel quite miffed that I have to go through this and the continued pain and numbness in my wrists and hands due to the compression damage from the too tight cuffs. Earlier I filed the complaint against the police here regarding their rough treatment of me, mentioning the knee and nerve damage as well as the emotional damage suffered due to the worsening of my existing traumatic disorders. I do not expect anything major to happen as a result, but at least I will have done my bit.

Next up is physiotherapy for my knee to speed up the recovery and waiting for one of my lawyers to get back to me on the lawsuit against the hospitals here. Hopefully I'll hear back on that next week so that I can start contacting the Dutch media and get the ball rolling on exposing the horrible truth about the treatment of intersex people world-wide.

I often feel like I'm in a kind of virtual war zone, today is definitely among those days.


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