Sunday, 1 January 2012

Kicking Off The New Year With An Overflowing Agenda

First of all I'd like to express my gratitude that the holiday madness is finally coming to an end. With a week people will finally be returning to work and life will resume. Maybe less fun for those with busy jobs, but very pleasant for people like me who are waiting for things to happen.

For the first week of January 2012 I have the following items scheduled:

On Monday I have to make another appointment with the knee specialist after the MRI scan of said knee on Friday. I'll also hear when I have the interview with a Belgian magazine on that same day. On Tuesday I have an appointment with a psychologist regarding the incident in May of this year [1]. My mother and I have both claimed that due to my PTSD and DID I can not be held accountable for my actions. This appointment was requested by the judge handling this case as part of standard protocol. I'm not too worried that any charges against me might remain after this. My psychotherapist is also 100% on my side.

On Thursday morning I'm heading to the beauty salon for my weekly appointment there. On Friday I have the MRI scan of my knee as the specialist wants to examine the possibility of a tear in the meniscus. During this week I also expect an email from Nokia confirming the date of my next job interview.

The second week I expect to hear back from both my lawyers on the legal gender change request and the conclusion of the medical adviser in the hospital lawsuit case. Depending on the outcome of the latter I'll be contacting Dutch media to inform them about said lawsuit and get a feel for their interest in my story and related.

During the third or fourth week of January I expect to have the second and maybe third job interview at Nokia, with the latter being in-person in Oslo, Norway. I hope I get that far, as I know that I do much better if people can both see and hear me. Job interviews by phone like the one I had and the upcoming second one are quite frustrating due to the limitations of the technology.

At any rate it's going to be one heck of a busy month. I hope it gets me everything I want so that I can sail smoothly into February and prepare to leave the Netherlands.



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