Thursday, 22 March 2012

Soon I'll Officially Be Female, Hopefully

Earlier today I got an email from my lawyer on the legal gender change request. She had checked the courthouse's journal and noticed that a ruling is schedule for the request next week Wednesday, the 28th. She expects this to be the final ruling, and not another request for information like before. This should also mean that there'll be no hearing at the courthouse. This could be taken as a good sign.

Hopefully next week's ruling will mean the approval of the request. Considering that it's the first time ever that such a request has been filed - namely a request to have one's legal gender changed in case of intersex - in the Netherlands, it's hard to say what this ruling will be. The ridiculousness in the case of rejection of the request would entail the obvious feminine phenotype and general appearance of me and the mismatch with the male identity on my passport. Naturally any rejection would be appealed, though I hope it doesn't have to get to that.

In further news, I haven't heard back from my other lawyer, Yme Drost. This week the first formal complaint a Dutch hospital was going to be filed, but I think that Yme has fallen sick or such. I hope this can be arranged soon, also because of the fact that the important talkshows as well as Dutch politics in general will essentially stop during the summer time. That'd be pretty disastrous for my cause.

The things I can control to some extent and which I'm focusing on these days including a number of work-related projects, including some Android applications and games which I hope to put on the Android Market by next week using the 'buy to get more features' model. This model means that development of the game and applications from the basic initial release gets funded by people buying the application. This means that I'd get a more constant stream of income and people who buy the application get regular feature updates, while also being able to provide feedback on existing and desired features.

Finally, two last items which are less pleasant, but which had or have to be done. Earlier today I had a chat with the second police agent involved in my arrest last year. While I noticed that she too had this very strict, almost aggressive stance on defending their actions and wasn't going to say 'sorry' for the physical injuries I suffered as a result, I nevertheless managed to hold a constructive discussion. We discussed the failures of the Dutch mental and physical healthcare system, which is causing her and her colleagues a lot of grief as they have to clean up their messes. I left the police station with a generally positive feeling about this. More so than with the previous officer and agent (both males) I talked to. They were far too strict and in no way emotionally involved.

The other item is one I talked about before, namely the fact that I have to move to my own place. I'm currently looking for a room or similar in the Dutch city of Deventer. I have signed up for so-called 'anti-kraak', whereby you get to live in a building while it doesn't have any fixed inhabitants so as to discourage unwanted activity in or near the building. I'm also looking for a room to rent, but I'm rather wary of this due to my disastrous experiences in Almere back in late 2010 where an attempt to do the same thing resulted in me losing over a thousand Euro and contributing to my suicide attempt in early 2011. It has to be reliable, in other words. I'm not sure I can ascertain this, beyond someone I trust doing the networking for me.

I got an email from SKGZ recently after an inquiry from my side regarding their negotiation between me and my insurance company on the coverage for the electrolysis therapy. The latter seems to be struggling still, but I should get a response on my insurance company's (Unive) decision in this matter. If they decide to cover it my immediate financial troubles will be over as I'll get over 5,000 Euro back from them. If not I'll have to pass the matter on to my lawyer.

Ideally with a month I'll be living at my own place, received the insurance money, can identify officially as female too and will have been featured on national and foreign TV. A UK acquaintance contacted ITV in the UK for an appearance of me on one of their shows and they seemed interested. I'm still waiting to hear back on that. It'd be nice, though.

So much is happening and yet so much has to be done still...



Thomas said...

Just checking back in today to see if you wrote anything and this blog post sounds wonderfully positive :-)

Go Maya Go!

The Unkown 1 said...

Good luck I hope everything works out