Saturday, 3 March 2012

RTV Oost TV Appearance, Now With Subtitles

Yesterday I subtitled the spoken Dutch in the RTV Oost talk show I was on last Tuesday. I used YouTube's captioning support (CC button) for the first time so that I can use soft-subs instead of embedding the subs into the video. This should improve quality and make corrections much easier. Let me know what you think :)

On the media front not too much is happening yet. More newspapers should be publishing the news and background article today. The largest Dutch newspaper, the Telegraaf, is still on the fence on publishing it since they published an article on me in their magazine (Vrouw). That article however was published in early 2010, two years before I got confirmation via the German surgery and definitely decided to leave the Netherlands. I do hope that they publish it.

See the media page for said article and the English translation:


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Dyami Plotke said...

Very well done, Maya. You remained composed, poised and made your point well. You should be proud. I wish you the best of luck with treatment and findings a welcoming country.