Friday, 4 April 2008

Still Alive~

As I write this, the painkillers I took earlier have just kicked in, resulting in a rather pleasant fluffy daze kind of sensation. Apparently I'm still rather sensitive to any kind of drug :P but forgive me if anything I write now sounds a bit... odd~

This morning at 5 AM NG and I got up and prepared for our journey to Rotterdam. At 6.20 AM we boarded our train, at around 8.10 we entered the Erasmus hospital, where after a long and arduous registration process thanks to my double identity, we sat down in the waiting room.

I had actually managed to eat a few slices of bread (with jam) this morning before we left, for which I was glad at one side, yet less so at another, as when I was waiting there for about 15 minutes I was feeling completely sick to my stomach from anxiety. Then we were called inside by the specialist, Marjan van den Berg. After a short introduction, I explained my situation to her.

Even though she told me that especially at this point she could mean very little to me, she'd nevertheless send the CD with the MRI images I gave her to the radiologists in the laboratory of the Erasmus MC, where it'd be interpreted. With 3 weeks she'll call me, hopefully to make a further appointment.

If they confirm the German MRI scan report, it should be pretty much a home run for me, which is what I'm hoping for, obviously. It's going to be exciting yet again waiting for Van den Berg's phone call. I'll keep my fingers crossed until the 25th...

At any rate I'd describe my mood as cautiously happy. I got out of this appointment pretty much anything I could have hoped for. Above all this was the first time I got treated like a human being, instead of a shriveled up piece of junk, like they loved to do at the VUMC, who'll have to send their files to the Erasmus MC as well. It's going to be fun to see how that one works out, especially if the radiologists confirm the German conclusion.

After NG and I returned home, he soon left again to attend a wedding (he'd much rather just have slept the rest of the day :P ). I went to bed shortly after he left, and woke up a short while ago with the most terrible headache I've had in a long time, migraines excluded. Perhaps I'll kick back a few shots of tequila to ease the pain further... No, I'm not thinking of becoming an alcoholic ;)

Until later~


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grim4593 said...

Nothing like a good drink after a stressful day.

I am glad it went reasonably well for you.