Friday, 27 June 2008

Ready To Dive In Again...

The past days I've been gradually restoring some but not all of my online contacts. I notice that it's relatively easy to push myself too far, resulting in an intense desire to withdraw and break off all and any contact.

I was supposed to receive a phone call from the Erasmus MC last Wednesday, but didn't. When I called the hospital yesterday they said that I'd be called today, which they did. I didn't get the doctor I had spoken to before, though. She's moving to another clinic, so I doubt I'll see her again. I explained my situation to the doctor who had called me and she told me to make an appointment with any doctor in that clinic relevant to my situation who I could then give the CD with MRI images to, which I did.

Next week Wednesday I've got an appointment with a Dr. Schipper. I'm relatively happy that I can see someone that soon. I hope that I can find someone to go with me to the hospital, though, for mental support. Pieter can't go with me this time due to his work and frankly I can't think of anyone else who I'd ask, but offers are welcome :)

If things go well, I should know with around 3 weeks from now what they've seen on the MRI images. If they see what Germany saw, then things should become interesting. Else...

At this moment I'm also buried underneath a huge pile of work, mostly paid. I've got a deadline this week which I'm struggling to make. This week I've wasted a lot of time being nervous, especially Wednesday, when I even collapsed completely when that phone call didn't come.

Ah well, back to work....


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