Tuesday, 17 June 2008

The Waiting Game

This morning and afternoon were a tad too exciting for me. First there was the excitement over Privatescan informing me that they had mailed me the CD with MRI images as well as the MRI report. To my old address. I happen to know the people who live there now, fortunately, and they know me, so I wrote them a letter informing them that they should send any mail addressed to me to my new address.

Now I called my mother today as well, and she told me that if those people were to send mail to her old address (since she's now staying in France), it'd end up at my aunt's place. Hopefully I'll get this thing settled this week. Privatescan can't help me any further according to them, so if I don't get this package I'm screwed.

The thing is that I made an appointment with the same physician as before at the Erasmus MC. She'll call me next week Wednesday during which talk we'll discuss how to proceed. If they're still willing to help me, of course, seeing as how I got kicked out before. God, I'd like some certainty here...

Today I've actually managed to work quite a bit. The past days I've spent largely on messing around with old computers (a friend gave some old PII, PIII and P4 systems which I intend to use for a cluster for AI research). I've also been programming a number of websites, one the community site (promised to have it done like a month ago now :P ) and another one is a project site for a project I've started based on ReactOS, an Open Source Windows clone. I'll update you guys as soon as I've got this site up. And the community site, of course.

I'm going to bed now seeing as I've managed to go to bed past midnight the past days which hasn't been a good thing for me. So yeah, good night~


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