Sunday, 1 June 2008


Bleak shadows pass me by as I sit on this black, cold rock.
Its cold draining the last remains of warmth my body
Desperately tries to hang on to, my life force fading.
Surrounding me a place beyond even the shimmering twilight,
Lit by a ghastly moon, dark shapes within a pale, deserted world.

How long have I been sitting here? I don't know... I don't
Remember how everything ended up like this, if it even ever
Started, since in this world of Shadows there is no time.
Nothing in here touches me or can be touched. Everything is
Distant, like a lost memory, fading beyond recollection.

A shadow moves closer... as though inspecting what I presume
Is my body. Its featureless presence evoking no emotions.
A sudden presence invading my thoughts, piercing through
Like a knife through soft flesh, my defenses useless.
The upwelling of intense pain, emotional chaos inflamed.

Falling towards the ground, I add my voice of agony to
The eternal choir of the damned which pervades this place.
As numbing darkness envelopes me, the eternal pain finally
Departs from my body and soul, leaving me in blissful peace.
As conscious thought terminates, I wish for this to be the end.

Ghastly, distorted shadows surround me as I lie writhing in
Agony in this twisted world, to which I regret to have awoken.
I can hear their laughing, their talking and ridiculing, yet I
Do not know who they are or grasp their disgust with me.
Their words forming daggers which pierce and destroy.

To my horror I see my body pierced by actual daggers,
Ripping apart my flesh, my organs, as my life flows out of me.
Incited to the ultimate blood lust, moving closer, their distorted
Jaws opening to reveal new levels of horror before sinking
Into my flesh to devour and feed upon those who are weak.

Opening my eyes once more I find myself sitting yet again
On the black, cold rock., its piercing cold like the daggers
I remember... yet on my body no traces are visible to the eye.
Closing my eyes to find that blissful darkness again, I find
Eternal agony and suffering, without purpose or goal. Forever.


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