Friday, 30 September 2011

My Current Problem In A Nutshell

  • Nearly seven years ago I went to the first Dutch hospital's gender team to attempt to get medical help with my intersex condition, to figure out what was going on and what my options were.
  • During those years multiple Dutch physicians and psychologists tried to brainwash me into believing that I was transsexual, etc. Sex-Reassignment Surgery (SRS) was more than merely suggested as 'solution'. Tests (mosaic test report, MRI reports) were faked.
  • Two German clinics confirmed that I am a hermaphrodite.
  • I have been suffering from severe Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and probably other traumatic disorders for a number of years now, as confirmed by my psychotherapist. This is directly caused by the Dutch medical system and related.
  • An EMDR therapist I went to refused to treat my PTSD as it's too strong right now, due to the lack of medical help. The treatment could harm me.
  • I need to find a country to move to where I can get away from the causes of my traumas (the Dutch medical and related systems), where I can get medical help and trauma care. Moving away is the first priority.
  • Germany would be a good option except that I do not speak German, which makes it hard to impossible to find a job there. A country like Canada has good medical care, no bias against intersex people and a healthy economy, plus English is my primary language, allowing me to blend right in. It has my preference at the moment.



Resident Kennedy said...

Nice to meet you Maya, sorry to hear of the trauma associated with being YOU. Physicians and therapists are sometimes of little or no help at all (on the lighter side, i always wonder why "therapist" is made up of 2 words? Maybe because they screw you one way or the other) but all jokes aside, i am very familiar with transgender and transexuals and their own sets of trauma, and even one of my nieces had, at a very young age, the beginning of dual gender, which was surgically treated (as to how her head is, i do not know these days).
Thanks for your G+ comment, it's great to touch base, I am originally English, grew up in Australia, married a Canadian (1st marriage) and now live in Malaysia and Singapore with my second wife Polly (Philippina), so i think yes, Canada would be a good choice, similar climate and not too far from Europe, Australia is also a good possibility, as is i would guess the UK, but even being born there i have no love for England.

Stay in touch and hope to hear from you soon, and of course, see those Graphics. =)

Ingat (take care) always
Dennis (Resident) Kennedy

Maya Posch said...

Thank you, Dennis :)

The UK is a very bad place for 'different' people as well as I have found out through my contacts with UK TS and IS people. Australia has some oddities as well and is of course quite expensive to live in.

Many Asian countries are quite good for IS/TS people too (from what I have heard) and I wouldn't mind living in South-Korea or so but I doubt I'd easily get in there :) Canada really keeps coming out on top as the most reasonable option at this point.

Enjoy those graphics, I would say ;)

Resident Kennedy said...

You're right about the UK, i can't live there again, Sth Korea is a very male dominant society and i couldn't recommend it for that reason alone.
Australia IS expensive yes, but once you are immersed it has much to offer, i grew up there, my daughter lives there, but i doubt i will live there again either.
Thailand could e a wonderful option, very, very tolerant of iS, TS, TG, i have many friends who either live there permanently or do what is known as a "border-run" every few months, either way, it's extremely cheap, sunny, gorgeous in so many ways and, as i say, very tolerant. Not too hard as an expat to get work there, even as a tourist it is very easy to "learn the ropes" and become self-sufficient quite quickly, especially in design.
Hope my thoughts help and not confuse lol I enjoyed my time with my ex-wife in Quebec, but it becomes bitterly cold at times, (we suffered the -40C Montreal ice storm, which staggers the imagination), so for me its equatorial climes, the less clothes the better (speaking purely from a graphic design perspective, of course)LOL
I'll post you a link to one of my dearest friends, a musician by the name Estelle Asmodelle, who, as a transgender has achieved much with her life and i am sure would be a source of inspiration (not talkin religion here lol), add me on facebook if you use it (

As always, ingat ka =)