Monday, 26 September 2011

Please Help If You Want Me To Have A Future

Staying in the Netherlands would mean continued discrimination and persecution due to my intersex condition. I would be refused any medical help, receive more hostility from physicians, psychologists and politicians. My untreated PTSD would likely result in a continuously degrading physical and emotional condition, as well as various auto-immune diseases. Even ignoring that I do not have the financial means to support myself in this very expensive country, staying where I am now will mean my death within the short term. Either due to medical complications or by my own hand.

I have to go somewhere else. Germany was one option, but I lack the financial means to support myself there, even though it's cheaper there. I would need someone to support me, or get a job. Nobody has offered to pay my bills, and German companies are unlikely to hire me considering that I don't speak German and with my troublesome background.

Similarly, Canada would be a very good option to move to, but it's a one in a million shot. I'd need someone to sponsor me, or I am not even getting into the country. Why would a Canadian company hire me considering the expenses of moving me there if they can just hire someone local?

I would apply for refugee status, but the United Nations hasn't finished adding the 'persecution due to intersex' clause to the refugee definition. Maybe next year.

Conclusion: without external help my chances of survival are just above zero.

Anyone got a suicide pill for me? It too would be very welcome help, as I am sick of fighting what turned out to be a futile struggle to even merely exist.



rGeneM said...
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Maya Posch said...

Sorry about that, rGeneM, I saw that you double-posted and removed one of the comments, right when you deleted the other one. Please repost if you want to :)

rGeneM said...

***Comment from 15 minutes ago***

Maya, existence IS a struggle! It is what makes life worth living!

I just discovered you on Google+, and have only read about 3 or 4 of your web pages; (sorry no eidetic capacity here). That is why I am hesitant to write a lengthy response to your condition and life situation. But you are a very interesting person; and suicide would only seem sensible if you were 83 years old, and afflicted with a excruciatingly terminal-illness. Cheers!

Check out couple of these essays ( by the German philosopher, I found them greatly stimulating!

Best, a Canadian well-wishing reader.