Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Media Therapy And Protective Angels

As I mentioned yesterday, I got an angel doll as a gift from Christel at the end of yesterday's talk show event. She said it'd help protect me. No matter what anyone might think of that, to me it's a physical reminder that maybe things will turn out alright. In addition to just being very cute and adorable, that is :) Here's the promised picture:

Moving on, after yesterday's initial lamentations about how empty and pained I felt I must admit to feeling better today than I have in a while. Maybe things will actually improve from now on and maybe I won't have to die as a martyr for the intersex human rights cause. Just maybe. It's still too early to really start hoping.

Getting into contact with the media like yesterday, and of course with the publication of my story into a number of newspapers last Saturday and in more newspapers coming Saturday, does me so much good. After seven years of rejection, humiliation, the emotional and physical deconstruction of me as a person and plain torture it feels so good finally feel like I'm not a helpless victim of the medical and political systems. Thanks to my new lawyer, Yme Drost, the Tubantia journalist, Lucien Baard, and of course the many other supportive people, especially people like Christel. Thanks for making me feel less of a freak and more like a regular human being.

Not that everything is fine of course. I really hope that the media attention doesn't stop here. I, and the millions like me, need the attention. There's so much I want to do and so much I can do once I get out of this Hell myself and work myself up to a position where I can feel safe enough to reach out and help others. Not just intersex people, but to improve humanity... and this entire world we find ourselves in.




Anonymous said...

Sweetie, you are never alone. I, myself am fighting this very battle. I am also Intersexed, with the Chromosome structure XXY47. My system quit producing hormones all together and I have to be on HRT to be healthy, mind and body. I am here to support you in every way. Feel free to contact me if you wish, I am pushing for IS rights as well, and against out infancy mutilation right here in the USA. I believe empower in numbers, and our numbers coming out as I.S. are growing. I like your Japanese Name adde on your blog picture ^^ We, the Aiesu, will be accept just like any other person, and to be loved just like any other person. Here is a good read!

Christel said...

Hey Maya,

The pleasure was all mine :)
Heel veel succes, sterkte, geluk en kracht bij alles wat je nog gaat ondernemen (wie weet helpt het engeltje toch?)
Ik blijf je volgen...


Maya Posch said...

Dank je wel, Christel! :) *Hugs~*

Maya Posch said...

@Kei - I have tried to read the Aiesu manga before, but it's too upsetting for me. Can't read more than a few pages before breaking down. I tend to avoid anything related to intersex, written, drawn or video/audio, as it triggers my traumas really badly.