Thursday, 6 August 2009


Today I find myself experiencing some mildly sore muscles due to the exercise I got during the modelling yesterday while standing perfectly still in less than comfortable positions. I'm sure it was worth it, though.

Pieter called the UMCG this morning, but the person managing the schedule wasn't available right away, so they'd call back. I just got called back and in summary there is no appointment on file on the 21st for me. They thought that perhaps professor Weijmar Schultz may have only written it down in his own agenda. Unfortunately he isn't present today. The woman I talked to said she'd send him an email and I'd probably be called back again on Friday or else Monday. Let's hope this gets cleared up soon. Things are exciting enough already without having to play the appointment game.

I'll be going to take a nap in a moment as I didn't get much sleep last night. Had trouble falling asleep and woke up after less than four hours. After I wake up I'll be starting work on the new custom webshop for Nyanko. I have looked at existing options before, such as ZenCart, but none of them seems to offer much in terms of options for digital distribution, documentation and easy customizability. Instead of modifying one of those to my liking it'd be a lot faster to just write my own solution.

To which end I have procured a payment module (credit cards, PayPal, etc.) as that is the most crucial bit of code in the entire shop. User accounts and sessions will be encrypted using AES with the standard features of a webshop of course being present, such as a shopping basket and account profile section. The webshop is being developed as a module for the new CMS (Nyanko CMS; NCMS), which will be launched together before the first game is released.

It's still a lot of work, but I'm confident it will be ready on time. I only wish that I had more time to work on projects like Lilium, but one can't have everything, I guess :)


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