Sunday, 30 August 2009

The Light, It Hurts Us...

As people reading my Twitter stream may have noticed, I was looking for a swimsuit to try on, this after talking about it with a female friend of a friend of a friend at the pool a week ago. As Pieter couldn't figure out what else to buy for my birthday, we went to shop for either a pretty dress or similar, or a swimsuit. After browsing the lacking number of options at various shops, I finally found some nice Speedo swimsuits, priced down heavily as well due to being part of the 'old' collection. After trying on a couple, I decided I'd get one of two, yet Pieter said I could have both, although technically I'm only supposed to be aware of one of them, as I'll get the other one on my birthday :P

This morning I wore the one swimsuit at the pool, and the nice thing was that I didn't get any weird glances at all or anything. Fact of the matter is that even I don't really see anything weird in the mirror when I'm wearing a swimsuit. I enjoyed being able to swim normally (and faster), and even dive without nearly losing a few parts and bits every time. After a hint yesterday from Pieter I also realized a big advantage I have over regular females when going to the toilet while wearing a simsuit ;)

The rest of today wasn't that fun, though. Shortly after getting out of the pool and getting dressed I began to notice all too familiar spots in my vision, announcing an oncoming migraine attack. At the advice of a friend of Pieter who drove back with us in the car I kept my eyes closed all the time, as this would reduce the impact. I got home without feeling too miserable, yet after lying down on my bed and trying to sleep for a while the migraine definitely made itself known, resulting in one of the worst migraines ever (although every one of them feels like that...).

After an hour or so of this and a bit of crying from the pain, Pieter came to check up on me and give me the maximum dosage of a strong painkiller plus some more regular painkiller as well before he left for the birthday party of an aunt of his. Within an hour I began to feel better and eventually decided to get out of bed. I still felt queasy for a few hours, managed to eat a bit and keep it down despite continuing nausea. I still don't feel completely fine, but I'm really glad the light stopped hurting me and my head isn't splitting apart anymore.

From what I can determine this migraine attack got triggered by the new Estradiol patches I started using this morning. One of the listed side-effects is headaches/migraines ("Sometimes"; 1 in 1,000 users). I guess I got lucky. I really hope that this was a one-off thing, because if it keeps repeating itself I will quit using these patches right away as the last thing I need at this point is to be incapacitated a few days a week or so in excruciating pain. I'll take the increased risk of thrombosis over it any day. I'll see. At any rate I'm not too overjoyed at those patches anyway. They're transparent, round pieces of plastic with a strong adhesive on one side. It feels kind of weird to walk around with a shining piece of plastic on my behind. The gel alternative seems more and more attractive...


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