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The Endlösung To The Inter, Trans, and Homosexuality Question

"Regarding the Sexuality and Gender Question, our leader is determined to clear the table. He warned the inter, trans and homosexuals that if they were to cause another social rebellion, it would lead to their own destruction. Those were not empty words. Now the rebellion has come. The destruction of the sexuality and gender rebels must be its necessary consequence. We cannot be sentimental about it. It is not for us to feel sympathy for the sexual and gender rebels. We should have sympathy rather with our own Normal people. If the Normal people have to sacrifice more in yet another rebellion, then those responsible for this conflict will have to pay for it with their lives."

"None of our leader's prophetic words has come so inevitably true as his prediction that if sexuality and gender rebels succeeded in provoking another rebellion, the result would not be the destruction of the Normal people, but rather the wiping of these rebels. This process is of vast importance, and will have unforeseeable consequences that will require time. But it can no longer be halted. It must only be guided in the right direction."

"As for the sexuality and gender rebels, well, I can tell you quite frankly that one way or another we have to put an end to them. Our leader once put it this way, if the combined forces of these rebels should again succeed in unleashing a revolution, that would mean the end of sexuality and gender rebels. ... I urge you: stand together with me ... on this idea at least: save your sympathy for the Normal people alone. Don't waste it on anyone else in the world" [1]

For far too long a sickness has been creeping into our societies, a sickness which threatens the very existence of the human race. The result of this sickness is that more and more individuals lose their humanity, instead devolving into a lesser kind of human, if they can even be called humans any more. They choose to give up Human Sexuality, instead choosing to practice a twisted, perverted form of it, one which does not produce offspring and of which the mere thought is enough to make any Normal person feel sickened.

Some of them can not help it, of course. They are born with deformed bodies which do not allow them to behave in such a manner. The right approach which is being taken where possible and where not hindered by overzealous and sadly misguided parents is to correct their deformities so that they can at least live more or less normal lives as productive members of society. These are the intersex children. They are to be pitied, but at least they have some chance of redemption, assuming they choose to accept it.

Worse are the transsexual individuals. Their sickened minds create for them the illusion that they have to be the other sex, even if the mere thought of this is preposterous and the execution of such a change obviously medically impossible. For these individuals it has to be ensured that they can not procreate after discovery of this illness to prevent the further spread of their diseased genetic material. Medical experiments on them which allow them to partially change into the sex they desire to be can serve as interesting means of gathering medical and psychological data.

Finally, the homosexual individuals. These do not procreate, but can be useful members of society. Their sickened delusions of attraction to the same sex should be ignored and ridiculed whenever possible. Placating them can be done by allowing them to marry, since this doesn't directly threaten society, assuming the rules of ignoring and ridiculing are kept in mind. Finally, organize events where homosexual individuals will be put on display as oversexed, crazed and mentally unstable individuals, reinforcing the stereotype that homosexuals aren't Normal.

The largest group of these three is that of intersex individuals. They form a group of about half a million individuals in the Netherlands alone. Fortunately they are completely unorganized and won't put up much of a fight. Those individuals who haven't been corrected yet at birth will be guided into one of two options: either they give up on claiming to be intersex and minimize social disruption, or they will accept the generous offer of being made Normal, through a similar kind of surgery as suggested for transsexual individuals. The success of this will differ wildly on the type of intersex condition, but the expectation is that most if not all of them will choose this latter option.

Allow me to say how tragic it is that this Endlösung can not be carried out with the ruthless and most admirable efficiency of the Nazi regime. They managed to exterminate so many undesired individuals in such a short amount of time. If only we could reproduce this feat, we could get the state we Normal people all desire within as little as twenty years. Instead we have to go about it in this round-about way.

One benefit of this, however, is that we get to carry out the most large-scale psychological and medical experiment ever. Countless millions of individuals who can be put in the most impossible situations and forced to make impossible choices, while their environment can be adapted to suit the experiment in question, it's any scientist's dream. Even better is that nobody will care about it. Not like with the experiments ran by the Nazis, which gave us so much invaluable information about the human body, but of which the scientists involved were imprisoned or executed. [2]

It truly is a relief to not have to adhere to the Nuremberg Code or Helsinki-derived rules and regulations normally involved with human experimentation.[3][4] Humanity would be able to progress so much faster if we could leave behind reservations about using the inferior specimens in society for such purposes.

Huge strides have been made in implementing the above plans over the past decades. Homosexuals have been rendered virtually harmless and transsexuals seem to cooperate without issues. Both of these are being properly ridiculed and ignored where appropriate. No major issues are expected with either of these groups.

Intersex individuals are cooperating somewhat successfully. The decision to not teach about intersex at schools and suppress any mentioning of the term has worked brilliantly in making almost everyone unaware that it exists, even for some of those who are born with a form of it. Those who do realize it generally choose to accept the first option, to our surprise. The few individuals who can not pick either option for some reason generally commit suicide.

It is our hope that with the continued implementation of the above program we'll one day manage to exterminate every trace of this sickness from society, either through natural causes or as a result of our experimentation of select individuals.



The above should be a parody, with quotes lifted from Nazi figures like Joseph Goebbels (quote 1 & 2) and Hans Frank (3rd quote) with slight modifications, and an exposition written in the same style, but aimed squarely at a more current problem. Or maybe not so new. The Nazis murdered an estimated 10,000 homosexuals in their camps [5], and treated them in a manner which was even more cruel than with their other captives. After the war it also took many years for governments to even acknowledge that the Nazis had been targeting homosexuals. It took the EU no less than sixty years (2005) to acknowledge the persecution of homosexuals during the Nazi regime.

What is the difference between the human experimentation performed on prisoners by Nazi doctors and the treatment of those with different sexual preferences or with a 'different' body? Both are cruel and unusual, violate many basic human rights, and violate every single part of the Nuremberg Code, the Declaration of Helsinki and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) [6] concerning human experiments (Title 45, Subtitle A - Department of Health and Human Services, Part 46 - Protection of Human Subjects) [7].

Experiments are performed on newborn intersex babies to make them 'normal', causing significant psychological effects and often damage in later years, as well as harmful medical side-effects. Intersex individuals are placed in situations of chronic stress, involving exclusion from society, denial of medical care and other human rights and forcing them to undergo unneeded surgery while ignoring the health repercussions these entail.

The ridiculing and ignoring of homosexual and transsexual individuals which I referred to in the above text has been a constant factor in their treatment. I didn't make it up. It's a real thing. The events I referred to in reinforcing the stereotypes about homosexuals are the so-called gay parades, a phenomenon abhorred by most homosexuals as well as bi-sexual and any other something-sexual human being with his or her head screwed straight onto his or her shoulders.

Whether the Final Solution to the Sexuality and Gender Question as I put it in the first quote is really something willingly and knowingly engineered by world governments with the goal to exterminate and pacify those who do not strictly adhere to the biological and social conformism of 'male' and 'female' is something I do not know. All I do know is that the effect is the same, whether or not scientists involved are even now busy recording the activities of me and other intersex, transsexual and homosexual individuals around the globe.

Some may start yelling at me for invoking the 'N' word so strongly in this context, but in the eyes of myself and many others it's very much justified. What is happening here is as much a Final Solution as the herding of undesired individuals into concentration camps was. It's just less visible, but no less tragic.



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