Thursday, 25 August 2011

Getting My Official Gender Changed: I Need To Lose A Few Organs

I just finished a nice chat with my lawyer regarding getting my official gender changed. In short, all demands in the law to be used for this change can be complied with, except for the one in which I have proof from a physician that I am infertile as a male. I know that I am infertile, but I need to present such proof to convince the judge. This is the only sticking point. Financing is no problem either.

The best way to ensure that I get this proof is to get a castration, i.e. have my testicles or whatever they are removed. I have tried to get this procedure performed before, but the UMCG refused, saying that they'd only do this as part of a sex-reassignment surgery. Yet at this point it's essential that I get this performed, else I'll be stuck with this wrong gender for a very long time.

To be honest I'm not sure where to try to get such a procedure performed. There's the whole list of PTSD triggers related to bad experiences with physicians which is making things difficult for me already. There's also the whole list of hospitals where I have been already and where I got met with hostility and ignorance. I don't mind paying for the procedure myself as it can't be that expensive, so maybe I should try it in Germany or so. Any help with this would be more than welcome.

Worst case I could always try it myself, right? I mean, how hard could it be to remove a few easy to reach organs with just a sharp knife needed? :)

Yes, there's a tiny bit of hysteria in there. I'm not looking to mutilate myself. Just got a lot of bad experiences and feeling miffed that the only way to actually get some improvements going is to beg more physicians. Physicians who have previously humiliated me and denied me help. Maybe seeking a German solution to this may be the way to go.

Ideas, anyone?



Del LaGrace said...

What are you wanting to get your gender changed TO? Female or intersex? It seems strange that you are having problems with this because many intersex people with testicles have them removed without their consent and/or knowledge, especially if they are are still inside the body.

Maya Posch said...

I just want to have my official gender changed to female. I call myself an intersex female and am okay with just 'female' for the time being.

Dutch physicians seem to be notoriously difficult with anything which doesn't involve a straight SRS. Maybe it's best I do pop over the border to Germany and have it done there.