Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Second And Final Letter From Dutch Queen Beatrix

English translation:

Dear Ms Posch,

I hereby confirm receiving by Her Majesty the Queen your letter of July 25th 2011.

Unfortunately I have to inform you that in connection with the ministerial responsibility of the Queen, it is not possible to provide any further help.

The Director of the Cabinet of the Queen,

Ms M.A. Looye


In short, you're not important enough, please go away. A Queen who doesn't care about her own subjects. A Queen who is powerless. A Queen who prefers to see her subjects suffer and die rather than interfere.

This isn't my Queen. This isn't my Government. This isn't my bloody country.

A prison. That is all this is. A prison for the insane. With the insane being the guards.

I want out....



Blaarp said...

I wish there was something I could do to help :/ Hang in there! *hug*

Maya Posch said...

*hugs back*

R.Prakash said...

Dear Maya,

My heart goes for you. I always thought that western countries were more sophisticated and more enlightened. After going through your letter correspondence with the highest authority, I am disgusted. I was anguished particularly to know that you were arrested and assaulted. Shame on the governments of the world! Love you dear, hugs.