Sunday, 21 August 2011

Help Me Design Intersex-related Shirts

I have been toying with the thought of creating a design to be printed on t-shirts and similar items, to promote the awareness of intersex. To this purpose I have created a logo, and would like to add one of a number of texts to accompany the logo on some shirts. I have already set up an account with a company which will print and sell the shirts for me (world-wide). I'll also make the templates to make your own shirt at home available on my personal site.

First, I made two versions available of the logo. Please let me know which of the two you prefer, and which colours/styles you'd like to see:

Design A

Design B

Second, your preference for having versions of the shirts with just the logo, or should all have texts?

Third, the texts themselves. I got a few example here, please add your own in the comments and let me know what you think of the ones here and those suggested by others.

  1. Intersexy
  2. Intersex Inside ™
  3. More than just male or female
  4. Not Just Male or Female
  5. Enjoy Being A Bit Of Both
  6. A Bit of Both
  7. Proudly Intersex
  8. Intersex, So What?
  9. Warning: Intersex Person

Coming up with catching phrases is never easy :) Please do go wild with them and let me know what you came up with. Do keep in mind that texts have to be respectful, clean and generally suitable for display in public places.

Now, get creative :)



Jennie Kermode said...

I like the first version of the logo better.

Some years ago I made myself a t-shirt with an 'inter inside' logo that I wore to Pride a few times.

How about 'best of both' as a slogan?

mimi said...

I like design A and the puniness (is that a word?) of "intersexy".

Design be just looks a little too clunky, A is sleeker.

zakir ahmed said...

1st one is good

zakir ahmed said...

1st one is nice :D

fuyuasha said...

Both are good but I like #1 best too!

Intersexy is actually very cute but I think I like +Jeannie's direction most of all: 'best of both' or maybe 'Best of both worlds'.

kaitlan said...

I like first one too. What about that one with WISH underneath. That way strangers at supermarket may enquire what this mildly critic Tshirt means. Just a thought

Maya Posch said...

Thank you, kaitlan. At your suggestions I have designed and put online new designs, such as the following:

ATG said...

Your design looks a lot like the (copyrighted) design of GenderQueer Revolution's logo, which has been around for a few years:

Maya Posch said...

ATG - Looking at the site you pointed to I can indeed see the similarities. A few remarks, though:

- The GenderQueer logo was completely unbeknownst to me and everyone else I know who is even remotely familiar with this subject.

- Both use generic elements.

- The WISH symbol is not covered by text and is filled with red.

- The WISH symbol is meant to be used as the generic symbol for intersex, and isn't claimed for WISH in any form or shape, much like how the Red Cross's red cross on white background is the universal symbol for medical help and not claimed by them.