Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Moving To Germany

A number of days it became quite clear to me that improvement is necessary in my situation, and quickly. Since there is no miracle situation and all countries, while different in severity, mistreat intersex people, a pragmatic solution is required. A few hints that Germany is a much better place, medically, politically and socially, combined with my own experiences in Germany, also with the private clinics there, were all that it took to convince me to try my luck there.

My current idea is to move to a town or city in South-West Germany. What I'll need help with is selecting the best location for me, also with an eye on further medical treatment, and to arrange healthcare insurance. Having some people around to guide me for the first weeks at least wouldn't be bad either.

In other news, tomorrow I am getting an x-ray to see how bad the infection in my lungs is. Today I visited the family doctor who replaces my regular one during the latter's vacation, and he was a lot more reasonable and professional, indicating his disbelief at there not sooner an x-ray having been made, or other tests performed. By early next week I should know what the results are.


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