Monday, 27 February 2012

First Media Waves

Despite my initial feelings about the media attention I might receive for my case against the Dutch hospitals it seems that at least some of my fears were unwarranted. This morning I got offered to appear on a talk show at a regional TV channel, and got a phone call from a Dutch national TV station who want to see whether there's a story in it for them.

The latter will contact my lawyer, Yme Drost, with whom they are already familiar, as well as my German surgeon, Dr. Pottek. They would like for both to make some statements. Whether they'll pick up the story is still quite uncertain. It concerns the channel SBS6 for the show 'Hart van Nederland'.

As for the former talk show appearance, this concerns the show 'En Dan Nog Even Dit' on RTV Oost. The website for this show is found at I'm expected at the studio around 16.15 with the live show starting at 17.15 until 18.00. It will be repeated later during the evening and can also be watched on the aforementioned website. I will as usual attempt to obtain a copy of the recording and put it online with English subtitles.

Here's hoping that this is the first of many waves.


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