Thursday, 16 February 2012

New Nail Style

Today at the Deventer beauty salon I got subjected to a new nail style art they just got in from PUPA [1]. One of the interns tried it out on me to see how well it works and so that she can give proper advice on how to use it to customers.

This is the result for me:

Isn't it adorable? :)




Mikael said...

What I also love is that illumination matches with your nails. :)

Kathi Browne said...

I didn't realize your nails were sporting something new. I would have looked closer when you showed them to me in the hangout.

I was just happy to see someone else likes to wear blue polish like me! I have a nice Miche purse to match. ;)

Maya Posch said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone :)