Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Situation Update

Things certainly are moving faster and faster... with both good and bad news arriving virtually every day. Some news is downright shocking, such as the sudden news via my family law lawyer that the doctor who had referred me to Germany for the surgery, Dr. Zweers at the ZGT hospital in Almelo, has died last month. I last talked with him in November last year. While his presence isn't required for any of my legal cases, it nevertheless feels weird that the only Dutch physician who ever treated me as a human being would be the one to die so suddenly.

Said family law lawyer has replied to the courthouse's request for more information regarding the legal gender change with a more detailed explanation regarding the request. Previously it also only used Civil Law article 1:28. This has now also been expanded to 1:24, the latter being aimed specifically at intersex cases. As my lawyer noted when I talked with her by phone yesterday, however, my request is the very first time either law has ever been used in a case like mine. No doubt the judge is quite confused about this whole issue as well.

Regarding the damages/human rights case with my new lawyer, Yme Drost, I have no updates as I haven't heard back from him in a while. I hope he's okay.

This coming Saturday the newspaper article on my case against the Dutch hospitals will be published in at least the Dutch TC Tubantia newspaper and possibly many other regional newspapers as well. I have high hopes for what will happen as a result. Hopefully the national media will pick up on it and eventually the foreign media too.

Finally... I will have to find some way to earn some money as my financial reserves are running low again. Hopefully I can get some freelance jobs to make some quick cash. It would be nice if my insurance company finally paid up the 4-5,000 Euro they still owe me for the coverage of the electrolysis therapy. It's probably too much to hope for, though.

Maybe with the media on my side I can finally get things accomplished...


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kaitlan said...

Hello Maya, I have only just discovered your blog minutes ago, yet to read, however watched your YouTube video I was astounded and felt less alone how much your life mirrors mine amazingly in most ways, even now I learn your intosoftware development too (though I'm self taught, not in profession league ). Quite sick at moment but when well will read all your blogs and will do what ever I can to fight an in just system(s) Netherlands or elsewhere. Like u say we are more than our bodies and other pursuits are healthy, but things need to be sorted in the legal & medical community. I don't know you but I am proud of you :)