Tuesday, 2 June 2009


So I was communicating with this one friend for a few weeks, sending text messages, emails and calling each other. Then I didn't receive a reply to one email, then multiple, then she didn't pick up the phone anymore. Reading her blog she seemed to be doing relatively fine, she just seemed to be ignoring me.

After sending an email today telling that I'll just leave things at this and wasn't expecting an answer anymore, I got back an angry email in which I got accused of being uncaring and insensitive and much more. This after only sending her nice emails asking whether she was okay and such. I sent back an email trying to tell her that she was overreacting, I just got back more of the same rant, so after one more attempt I just left things at that. I doubt we'll ever talk again.

Communication is a precious commodity when it comes to a relationship, whether it's about friendship or more. The ability to value each other and ask the other when one isn't sure about something is what makes a relationship grow. A refusal to talk, to at least summarize certain things or explain why one doesn't want to talk about something, to open oneself at least to some extent, it's something which makes a relationship impossible. Period.

When I look at the people I would truly call 'Great Friends', among them Pieter and of course my dear friend Trevor, there is the same thing: communication. With my best friends I can talk about anything, I'll listen to anything in return and I know that we'll be there for each other no matter what. Such people are a rarity, though.

While I haven't had a great deal of social experience, I do have observed and studied humanity for years, and I think I have an understanding of certain things which most people seem to lack. Although initially it may seem like I'm a cold, distant person, when I do open up, I notice that people instantly seem to like me and open up to me as well. I guess it helps that I have experienced so many things, both pleasant and painful, that I have developed an understanding of the highs and lows of life, allowing me to put most things into perspective. It's probably also why I think too much about stuff :)

Anyway, I'm going back to work now, I just had to say these things. See you all later.


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zakir ahmed said...

hmm.. well yes communication is very important .. hope ur friend is ok who knows she/he might be going thru a difficult phase and she just over reacted.

Some times these things happen.anyway good to know you are back to work \o/.

take care~