Friday, 26 June 2009


After Tuesday a lot happened, and didn't happen. On Wednesday I didn't do much at all, just tried to work and doing a fair job of it. Thursday, however, something happened to me.

While I was waiting for my appointment at the beauty salon to get zapped (hair-removal), I noticed a few times that the room was spinning. Then after the treatment was finished, I felt dizzy again the moment I stood up. I didn't think too much of it at that moment. However, when I returned home and after finishing lunch I began to crash. I have never felt more tired, more detached, more weary of everything. All I wanted was to sleep, shut out everything. The rest of that day I spent largely in bed.

Today I was supposed to go to my appointment with my therapist, Engel Vrouwe. Yet moments after getting out of bed I felt the same sense of incredible weariness invading me again, with the same stabbing pains throughout my body and an inability to muster the strength for any task, no matter how small. As it didn't fade, I informed Engel Vrouwe that I would not be able to make it to the appointment. He later called me to tell me that while he would have liked to have seen me, it wasn't crucial.

He also told me that he had been in contact with my insurance company on the matter of the chimera test, and is now waiting on a certain person to call him back. We also made a new appointment on June the 30th, Tuesday, at the house of a female colleague of Engel Vrouwe. He may be present there himself as well, but it isn't certain yet. For now I'll just have to see that I can shake off this weariness before then.

So today I have mostly just been lying on bed, reading and sleeping. I intend to take things really easy the coming days, skipping the party of my grandfather and everything. It may just be that the exhaustion I already experienced due to stress has been worsened by the warm weather, kicking me over the edge.

Anyway, something I did do the past days was compile the irregularities in my case and making a nice document out of it, including some MRI images. It is available in HTML and PDF form at, and also linked to on my main site from the 'about me' page. I have shown it to people already, but not really received many comments on it yet. Most interesting talk on it was with a British friend of mine who is also a chimera. He was able to tell me about when they performed the chimera test on him. Quite interesting.


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