Tuesday, 23 June 2009

TV Star

This morning I had my intake appointment at De Meregaard. I explained my situation and my intention to get treatment from a therapist due to a psychiatrist not being able to request medical tests. Both doctor Temmerman (quite nice guy) and psychiatrist Oostveen understood this and I'm now waiting on a response from Engel Vrouwe regarding an appointment with him or his colleague. I also sent an email to my insurance company regarding compensation for travel expenses, since I'll have to spend around 25 Euro a trip to the therapist.

A funny thing happened when I was walking back to the train station: on the parking lot of a nearby supermarket there was this car with the engine running and two guys inside it. The one at my side had his window down. When I was walking past them on the sidewalk, he said "Hey, sexy.", after which I just smiled and kept walking. I was wearing a short skirt today, low-cut top and some make-up. Apparently I wasn't looking too bad :P

Anyway, at my arrival home I sent the aforementioned emails and prepared a combined breakfast/lunch which I consumed while watching another episode of Saishuuheiki Kanojo ("She, the ultimate weapon"), one of my all-time favourite anime series. This is the second time I'm watching this series, yet I feel that it evokes a powerful emotional response in me, at least as strong as the first time I watched it. There's an edge of seriousness, of relentlessness to this series which makes it impossible to just watch casually.

After brunch I did some research on handling endianness in a network protocol I'm developing. It's definitely not as easy a subject as it may appear at first glance, there are a lot of arbitrary design decisions to be made, such as whether to use big- or small-endian format (most significant (highest value) bits first or last). Definitely interesting. Around 3 PM I took another 2-hour nap and woke up in time to greet Pieter who returned home.

Before Pieter returned from his work I got a few emails in my inbox, one about the arcade cabinet I have been trying to sell for Pieter for a while now. This guy turned out to be from Belgium, though, and he might not be able to pick up the cabinet until December. So yeah.

The other email was from Omroep Flevoland, the TV channel I was featured on during their news show last year. The email was from the person in charge of a kind of documentary show called 'Vrije Vogels', and in it he wrote that he'd like to have me on that show, which would involve them tracking me for a day to see what kind of person I am. I agreed to cooperating with it. Within 2 weeks I'll receive more details about everything.

Finally, I just made an appointment with Engel Vrouwe for Friday, June 26th, 1.30 PM. It'll be a grueling 3+ hour trip to and from the small town near Leeuwarden where he lives due to me not having access to a car. At least I don't have to pay the full price for my train ticket (40% off). It's still a painful 25 Euro for a roundtrip, though. Let's hope that the request form I sent in Saturday for the Bbz welfare check is accepted soon.

Tomorrow I have nothing scheduled, just regular work, Thursday I get zapped by a laser again (I really need to ask how much longer this treatment is going to take :( ), and Friday I have the appointment with Engel Vrouwe, which will end up taking the entire day (7 hours travel, 2 hours talking). I'll leave home at 10 AM, arrive at my destination at 1.25 PM, talk until 3.30 PM, then travel back to arrive home at around 7-8 PM. Anyone care to give me a ride in his/her car? ^_^;;

It's a bit of a shame that I'll be traveling for so long, since my grandfather has his birthday on Saturday, and I doubt I'll be in the mood to do anything that day after Friday :( It's been over 1.5 years since I have last seen many of the family members who will be present at my grandfather's birthday, and nearly a year since I last saw my grandparents.



Alianirlian said...

Hi Maya,

Sorry for my long silence. I basically dropped out of communication range due to a lot of stuff on my end, which essentially left me with just about enough energy to keep going. Now it seems things are lighting up slowly (emphasise the 'slowly' bit!) so I decided to check on you again. I hope therapy will help you some...

Maya Posch said...

Thanks. I hope that things work out for you as well.

I considered emailing you again a few weeks ago, actually. There were plans to meet up and stuff after all, so I was a bit confused when you did indeed vanish like that.