Friday, 17 July 2009

Facing The Last Miles

Today has been a really lazy day. Pieter took a day off so we had all day to watch movies and further do nothing in particular. We watched two movies, the first one 'The Forbidden Kingdom', with Jacky Chan and Jet Li. I love Chinese martial arts movies, and quite liked this movie too. Quite recommend. The second movie was Jean-Claud van Damme (JCVD), starring you-know-who. It was a bit of a weird movie... Pieter liked it, but I thought they could have crammed the story into about 15 minutes. I pretty much fell asleep during some (long...) scenes.

Wednesday the guy from Omroep Flevoland arrived as planned and after some talking we started the filming. Different from what I had understood this was the real deal, not merely a scouting thing for locations and stuff. Luckily I'm good at improvising, so I soon was following his instructions and we went through a number of scenes, involving me getting out of bed, brushing my hair, getting dressed, spending time at the gym (first time I got filmed in public) and walking around at the shopping center here in Almere Buiten. I was interviewed at all of those locations as well. The documentary he'll put together will last about 10 minutes and will be broadcast in September.

Yesterday my mom dropped by. We went shopping and I got a new big shirt to wear in bed among other things. It's really pretty purple-ish with two lovely doves on the front. I think it's pretty at least, even if Pieter didn't even say anything about it this morning until I asked him to say something :P

As said, I did very little today. Most noticeable is a phone call from my GP, who called to tell me about her conversation with professor Weijmar Schultz from the UMCG. Apparently he will have the MRI images looked at even before the appointment on the 21st next month by a radiologist who won't be informed on the background information of the case, so as to ensure his impartiality. I think this is a positive step.

The most crucial aspect about this news is that if they confirm the reports from Germany, then my condition will be acknowledged right away and this hell should be over soon. Otherwise, it'll probably mean that the UMCG can't be trusted either and I'll have to fall back on Engel Vrouwe again. At any rate I have sent the reports which are also on my site to Weijmar Schultz, so he knows that they can not repeat the same lies the other hospitals have told me and if the MRI report from the UMCG is different from the German reports, I will have them explain to me what they're seeing.

Either way this nightmare should end soon...


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