Saturday, 11 July 2009

Uncovering The Truth

For those interested, this morning I translated the medical report analysis and put it online at You can also access it via the About Me page. I also updated the frontpage of my site to be a bit more... inviting. The site hasn't been 'under construction' for the longest time, although the black holes part could refer to my dark moods, like when I wrote yesterday's blog post.

Anyway, one thing I have to come to terms with the past years and months is how little my opinion and basically anything I do or say matters in this world, especially when it comes to medical matters. Even if this is a big fraud case I have uncovered and have become victim of, the possibility of me proving it and bringing it to court or whatever on my own are slim to none. I really hate feeling powerless like this. That's why I responded so strongly to Engel Vrouwe just telling me like that about him going on vacation for a few weeks.

So yeah, not sure what else to say. My emotions are safely crushed beneath a pile of iron logic for the moment, I have been working out the business plan for Nyanko a bit more in preparation for the check and it should be ready for it now. I'm going to write the game script for our first game, for which Trevor is already designing a level. We might have beta builds ready by the end of the month. Alpha builds most definitely. It'll be fully 3D, by the way. The title and more details will be revealed in time :)


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