Monday, 10 March 2008


So yesterday went a bit different from what I expected. Main problem was that I began feeling tired again shortly after arriving at B's place. I've been napping for around 2 hours every day for weeks now, and that day was no exception. It's no fun trying to teach someone anything when you just want to curl up on a soft bed and sleep for a few hours.

B's mom was at B's place as well, and during our conversation we came at a point where I felt I should just tell her about my 'secret'. She dealt with it really well, and then I learned that she works at a hospital here in the Netherlands, the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. She expressed interest in helping me find help and so we exchanged email addresses and I emailed her a copy of the MRI scan report the same day. Hopefully she can find some good contacts :)

By the end of yesterday I was completely worn out, and felt a bit nauseous. I still managed to ride my bicycle home, though. Once home I began to feel somewhat light-headed, however, and after a quick check it seemed that I had developed a mild fever. This morning it seemed to have passed mostly, though my body temperature still seems to be a bit out of control, with me feeling overly warm during the day, even outside. I hope I'll feel fine tomorrow as I've got a busy schedule.

First thing tomorrow is the ELOS hair-removal treatment, which is a method I haven't tried before, so I'm really excited to learn what it can do for me. It should work a lot better on light hairs than IPL, so I'm understandably kind of excited :)

Next up is an appointment with my physician, who should have received my file by now and read it. Hopefully she can help me find a specialist willing to help me. I'm mildly optimistic about this appointment.

A big worry I'm dealing with at the moment is money. Although I'll get a decent sum of money from my freelancing work in Norway this month, I must ensure to get a stable income as soon as possible, which means that I have to work like crazy. In other words there's no way I'm going to educate anyone for free in web development or such, nor will I be wasting time on anything whatsoever.

Fortunately my desire to work seems to be returning now that emotionally things seem to be settling down. I still should avoid situations which might distract me, as it's emotionally rather taxing to divert the negative energy every time some trauma or such gets triggered. The fact that lately I've been sleeping about 2 hours during the day, usually after lunch simply because I'd feel completely drained and unable to concentrate on anything is a definite sign that things haven't settled down yet.

So anyway, it's work-a-holic time for me, accompanied by eating lots of chocolate ;)


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