Saturday, 23 May 2009

Back On Track

Things seem to be heading in the right direction for a change. Pieter did call the UMC in Groningen on Friday, but the gender team there had a day off, but Pieter will do some more research this weekend and contact them again on Monday. My mother has also enlisted the help of her therapist, Engel Vrouwe (, who is also a member of the European Klokkenluiders party, a political party which aims for more transparancy in politics, among other things (, some parts in English). It'll be interesting to see what this contact will result in. Thanks, mom :)

I also released the first chapter of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (OoT) novel I'm working on yesterday. So far a few people have read it and given their approval. I also submitted it to Joystiq (, a gaming blog I read a lot. I'm already planning the second chapter, but I wanted to await some more feedback on the first chapter before I begin writing it.

As you might have noticed in the comments to 'Momentary Happiness', in which I looked back on my meeting with Nicole in November of last year, we are going to meet again, probably next week. Don't be alarmed if I'm absent for a week or longer :P

Generally speaking I'm feeling a lot better than a few days ago. Reaching a level of understanding with Pieter was crucial, turning my gradual descent into madness into an upwards curve, with the clearest indication of the reduced stress levels being my sleeping pill having its same '5 minutes until crash landing' effect again as before, while its effect was nearly zero the past month or so. I actually took the sleeping pill last night while I was still sitting upstairs with Pieter (who was WoW raiding again) in the computer room. By the time I was about ready to hit the deck he told me it might be a good idea to go to bed. I felt really giddy and happy by that time :D



zakir ahmed said...

great .. see your post was awesome i told you .. it helped ! ... /me is so happy to hear this .. btw its unfair to leave us when nicole arrives :P ...

take care and yes iam alive and havent yet been hit by traffic


Maya Posch said...

@zakir ahmed

Sorry :P it may take a bit longer before we meet than this week, though. She's kind of sick at the moment, possibly due to the surgery she has had recently (see for her blog), so we're waiting until she is feeling better :)

Good to hear you haven't been hit by traffic yet. I have heard crazy stories about Indian driving, especially on their improvisation of traffic rules :P