Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Early Hope

Medical progress: on Monday Pieter wrote an email for me which I then sent off to the doctor at the UMC Groningen (UMCG) who leads the gender team there, Prof. dr. W.C.M Weijmar Schultz. Pieter had found his email address the day before. Today I got a response, which was quite positive. In it doctor Weijmar Schultz expressed his interest in my case and requested from me all medical information I had lying around. I sent the German and Dutch (Erasmus MC) MRI analysis reports in addition to the report of the physical examination at the AMC. I also described the reports from the VUMC and the second German clinic in it, plus the urgency of my case due to the intense emotional pressure this uncertainty about my body places on me.

I got some emails from my mother too, regarding the handling of my case by her therapist, Engel Vrouwe. Vrouwe had shown the emails he got earlier to a colleague and requested more medical information. I sent the same information to him as I did to Weijmar Schultz. It'll be interesting to see how those two leads work out the coming weeks.

The past few days I have been suffering from a rather painful cough, forming a nice friend for the headache and feeling of exhaustion I have been playing around with for a few months already. I think they'll make nice friends.

I'm working on a quick refresh of the site prior to a full upgrade to the new custom CMS. It'll be nice to see a list of games with up-to-date release dates, I guess :P The site will feature a 'contact us' page for the first time too. Kind of makes for a more realistic company site, I guess :)

I also started on the new Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time chapter (number 2). I'm not promising a release date beyond somewhere between next month and the end of this year. The responses to the first chapters so far have been overwhelmingly positive, which is nice :)

Alright, back to work with this little kitten...



zakir ahmed said...

hey .. great to hear the news .. as for your headache + cough why dont u try some ginger tea

also add some milk to it :)

Maya Posch said...

I'll try to find some ginger tea when we do groceries again on Saturday :) Thanks for the tip. You think green tea with ginger will work too?

Haven't tried milk in my tea in ages, by the way :P

zakir ahmed said...

ah milk in tea helps .. it make tea more smoother .. especially with ginger tea u need milk .. not sure about green tea as i havent had it

Maya Posch said...

Well, I may give it a try :) Thanks!