Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Sweet Sleep

I actually managed to sleep for two hours after writing my previous blog post. I wrote some more of the Ocarina of Time novel (revising first chapter), before I went back to bed at 4.30 PM due to feeling unwell again. I read a few more chapters in my current book in the Drizzt Do'Urden Lost Realms series: The Legacy. It's a pretty good book, resuming the same writing style as the preceeding books in the Dark Elf Trilogy. It feels less clumsy and reads easier than the books in the Icewind Dale trilogy which admittedly were written first in this series. After reading those chapters I slept some more until Pieter returned from his work.

After waking up this time I felt incredibly depressed, crying for the second time that day (first time was after returning from the GP, while preparing breakfast). During breakfast I watched an episode of the Aria The Animation anime series, which cheered me up quite a bit. After waking up from my second nap today it was Pieter's turn to cheer me up.

I actually received a letter from the psychiatrist today, inviting me for an intake appointment on the 23rd. Of June. So to summarize, after waiting one month I get the invitation for the intake appointment one month from now. Even after that appointment I'll probably have to wait one month between each appointment again. Good thing I'm not suicidal. Oh wait...

Right now I'm feeling dazed, having repressed all negative feelings as much as possible while trying to ignore the incredible feeling of weariness pressing down on me. I'm actually managing to work some more on the OoT chapter. Hopefully I can release it later this or else next week. My hope is that it'll at least generate some positive feedback and possibly some donations.

It's past 11 PM now. Just waiting for Pieter to finish his WoW raid so that I can get my sleeping pill and retire to bed.


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