Monday, 4 May 2009

Gym And Work

Today was mostly a physically exhausting day. I started the day at around 8 AM, seeing Pieter off to his work, then I got started on my own work after breakfast. I finished some major revisions to the Lilium hardware simulator implementation and intermediate language, with plenty of programming work and revising requirements/specifications left to take care of. I hope to finish much of it tomorrow.

At around 10 AM I got an email from my gym girl, informing me that she was going to the gym in thirty minutes time. Ultimately she got there about 45 minutes later, but hey, who cares :P at any rate it was an enjoyable time again. I got the resistance of the crosstrainer up to two-thirds of its maximum (8 out of 12), leg-pressed 80 kg up from 50 kg and generally had a good time. Our trainer still wants to take us out for dinner some day, but no date has been set yet. He did get my site's address, though, now I just have to see how good his English is :D My gym girl has only read an earlier blog post so far, so I am not totally sure how much she knows already. Perhaps I should ask in a more private situation or perhaps via email ^_^ not that it really matters.

When I got back from the gym it was already past 2 PM. I still had to clean up the house and take care of the laundry before I could take a shower. After that it was pushing 5 PM, leaving me just enough time to catch up on some news before Pieter returned from his work. We just finished dinner.

Earlier today I also added a new section to the site: 'Media'. It contains or will contain all appearances and such of me in newspapers, on TV and such. It should provide a convenient way to access all this information. The 'About Me' section got a make-over as well, with mostly some cosmetic changes, but also a bit of editing. I'll probably add some more to it later this week.

Right now I'm going to do some work on the game script and materials for the NyanKana: Kana & Kanji Explored (NK:KKE), as well as possibly some writing on my interpretation of the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time story. Once I get the first chapter done I will publish it on the main site, followed by each subsequent chapter as I finish it.

I'm still considering whether or not I shall take a sleeping pill tonight. I will see, I guess. I feel the usual crushing pain inside my head, indicating that I may collapse emotionally again soon.


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