Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Yesterday I still hadn't received a reply from the German clinic, so I went to their site and attempted to send an email using another email address on there as well as a contact form. The email got returned to me undelivered and the contact form was broken. After discovering some more broken links on the site ('Press') I began to fear the worst. Ultimately I decided to ask, who had helped me get the scan in the first place to help me.

About an hour after submitting the request to Privatescan did I receive a phone call from the same girl who had arranged the original MRI appointment. She said she'd get a second German clinic to verify the MRI scan report using the MRI images from the first clinic, which was an unexpected relief to me. She called me back later because the doctor at the second German clinic also wanted to see the Dutch report, for comparison purposes. After some hunting for a scanner I finally used my digicam to take a picture of the report and mailed it to Privatescan. I should learn more in about 1-2 weeks from now.

Yesterday I also had an appointment with my physician again. After updating her on the situation in Germany, I then told her about a suggestion from my friend Alex to have a urologist check me out, which might show something unusual, without approaching it from the 'intersexual' angle. My physician advised me to wait for Germany to get back to me, which I agreed with. I have to go to the hospital here in Almere as well to have my hormone levels checked out again (at my own request). I'll have to see when I'll do that...

Today I didn't get much work done... after an email from a friend mentioned a movie in which a girl gets gang-raped, I felt something inside me break and I spent the next hour or so crying. After calming down somewhat I felt so tired that I took a nap which lasted three hours. So four hours right down the drain. Right now I'm feeling quite tired as well,and not really up to anything. I'd like to go to bed already, but it's still a tad early. I should wait another hour until it's 10.30 PM.



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