Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Becoming Famous

I just returned from an appointment with my GP, or rather her replacement as she's on vacation again. This guy couldn't prescribe me anything as he didn't have instructions from my regular GP. I did however tell him about the failure with the hormone patches and I made an appointment for the 21st with my regular GP while cancelling the other appointments I had made before. On my way out I met the secretary of the dentist office which is part of the health center. She recognized me first.

She immediately wanted to know how things are for me now so I updated her on the progress made with the UMCG, having to wait months for the tests, the political side of my issue, and of course my imminent publication in the Grazia. She'll keep an eye out for that issue of the magazine.

Truth to be told, I think it's really nice and most welcome that I'm being recognized like this, that people can just talk about it with me while showing real interest. It's as though I'm feeling a lot more free afterwards, like I can breathe more freely. The walk home was quite enjoyable as a result. I guess this is how it feels to become famous. Currently I'm on my way to becoming well-known, and I find that I can't wait for virtually everyone to know me by name and/or face, and more importantly know about my story.

Talking about fame, I published the second chapter of my Zelda: Ocarina of Time novel yesterday. You can get it from http://www.mayaposch.com/story_lozoot.php on my main site. Sunday I managed to write over four pages in one go, finishing the chapter, then yesterday I revised and published it. I already began work on the third chapter, but no promises on its release date. I do have all of the material I need to finish it, however. As an aside, I'm considering to publish this novel or individual chapters at some point in ePub format, for eBook readers.

In other news, while I'm generally feeling a lot better than with the patches, I still have quite severe headaches yesterday and today, bordering on migraines. I truly hope it's just an after-effect of the patches and will vanish with time.

Time for one of my (in)famous 2-hour naps, then back to work.



zakir ahmed said...

i have a friend who is famous .. => i am famous too .. yippeeeee :)

Maya Posch said...

You're most welcome, Zakir ;)

*tickles* :D

Virginia Kat said...

about the political issue :

Juridische geslachtswijziging in Nederland wordt versimpeld
Sun 17/05/2009 - 12:11 — vreer

Maxime Verhagen, Minister van Buitenlandse Zaken, heeft vrijdag in Den Haag beloofd transgenders tegemoet te komen met een makkelijkere procedure voor juridische geslachtswijziging.

De bestaande regeling zorgt ervoor dat juridische geslachtswijziging alleen mogelijk is na een geslachtsaanpassende operatie. Hierdoor blijven transgenders die ervoor kiezen te leven in de rol van het gewenste geslacht zonder geslachtsoperatie, officieel altijd geregistreerd als het geslacht waarin ze zich niet thuis voelen.
Thomas Hammarberg, mensenrechtencommissaris van de Raad van Europa, gaf al eerder aan dat dit in druist tegen de zogeheten Yogyakarta Beginselen. Dit zijn in 2006 opgestelde universele richtlijnen voor mensenrechten in relatie tot genderidentiteit en seksuele oriƫntatie. In deze principes staat onder meer dat niemand gedwongen zal worden tot medische operaties om wettelijke erkenning te krijgen voor zijn/haar genderidentiteit.

Maxime Verhagen beloofde vrijdag dat de Nederlandse regering zich aan deze beginselen gaat houden en de wet voor juridische geslachtswijziging ten gunste van transgenders gewijzigd wordt.

Bron: Embrace Pink en Human Rights Watch

Maya Posch said...

Dank je, Virginia Kat.

Blijkbaar bestaat er toch de wil binnen de politiek om er iets aan te veranderen. Wel is dat artikel van mei dit jaar, dus echt schiet het nou ook weer niet op :(


Thanks, Virginia Kat.

Apparently politicians are willing to change matters with regard to the law on gender change. Though, that article is from May this year, so things don't seem to move that quickly :(