Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Call Me A Fool

So much for... everything, I guess. Today saw the broadcasting of my TV documentary on Omroep Flevoland. While it looked pretty okay, I doubt it'll matter.

The medical test results are going to take until the end of this year. The political mess will take years. I just heard that my article in the Grazia won't be published until issue 50, meaning far into December. This year nothing will be accomplished yet again.

Welcome to the imminent 5th anniversary of my personal Hell. I'm a fool for having faith in anything and anyone. Nothing matters. Nothing changes. I'm a coward for not wanting to end a game I can't win.

Perhaps today is the right day to end it all...



Dennis said...
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zakir ahmed said...

MAya dont listen to all this bull shit ..

@ dennis shut up idiot!..

why do you give up.. all the effort for 5 years has gone to waste ?.. no its just that you have to wait.. common be brave..

Virginia said...

Stop messing with the hormones! Keep a regular schedule with fixed amounts otherwise you drive yourself nuts.

a_g said...

if you die, I will make sure your afterlife is worse hell

Maya Posch said...

Virginia - I am using fixed amounts at regular intervals. The patches just didn't work out very well, but I have been back on my old medication for a few days now and am noticing none of the side-effects I had with the patches.

a_g - Thanks, you're a true friend ;)