Tuesday, 1 September 2009


First the good bits: I got a phone call from the IMK guy on my Bbz welfare request, and he told me he had sent a positive report, meaning that if they accept the advice, I'll get the welfare thingy. It's virtually certain now. I'll get it for half a year, after which they'll check whether the company has improved. If not I'll be paying the money back, else I can keep it and move on with making more money. I should hear more on when I get the first money next week.

The journalist informed me today that she had sent the article to the Grazia and is currently waiting on a response. The usual editor is on vacation, so the question is how quickly her replacement will look at the article. The journalist said that she expects more news next week. Obviously things can't go quickly enough for me here, so I'm bound to stay restless over it until I get a solid publication date. I got no date on the Omroep Flevoland TV documentary yet either, but I care far less about that one, to be honest, mostly because the impact of it will be far less significant than that of the magazine article.

Today I also managed to write another few pages of the Zelda: Ocarina of Time novel I'm working on. I expect to have the second chapter finished in a few days at this rate. I still think that it's really fun to write my own interpretation of a story I have come to love so much since I first played the game in 1998, especially since the game doesn't detail the story at all. I'm free to strip it down to its non-game-focused essentials, follow the general concepts and story line, yet without feeling constricted by some arbitrary sequence of events.

And no, following the sequence as one encounters in the game wouldn't work. In fact it'd be pretty boring. Just imagine me guiding the reader through solving the puzzles in each dungeon "...and then he lit the second torch, the third torch and the fourth, causing the door to open. In the next room he saw an entrance covered by a big spider web, some grass and a few eggs on the ceiling, as well as a burning torch in one corner. Grabbing a Deku Stick, he lit it with the torch and burned the spider web away. Suddenly he heard the sounds of eggs breaking behind him..." Then again, it might work :) it'd still be incredibly dull to write, kind of... no, exactly like writing a walk-through. And those take away part of your soul.

Despite all the progress today I still find myself feeling irritable at nothing and everything, especially when I get a bit tired near the end of the evening. There are so many things to wait on, so many uncertainties, about medical things, about media things, about political things... add social and such things to that list as well. I want to know whether I'll see my media breakthrough this month. I want to know whether any politician will be interested in the proposed law change. I want to know the results of the medical tests.

I have pretty much given up hope that there'll ever be any certainty on the MRI images. It just doesn't appear to be possible to get a clear and concise answer on what can be seen on it as apparently my physiology is different enough from what is 'normal' that it's impossible to get a group of radiologists to agree on what can be seen on it. I wonder what other options there are to check other than cutting me open...

In other news, my chest and lower back still hurt from something I did on Sunday while diving. After the first dive I felt a pressure on my chest, making it somewhat painful to breathe. During a following dive I didn't stretch my legs properly, causing them to snap forward, transferring that stress to my lower spine. Both are still causing me discomfort even a few days later. And that isn't the end of my suffering; tomorrow I'll be undergoing another electrolysis treatment, but at least it's for a purpose and the treatment seems to be working so far. I just need to find the financial resources to keep being able to pay for it. Hopefully that's solved now as well.


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Jan said...

If your company does not improve you have to pay the money back.
This implicates that you can not use a single euro or you will have a big problem if your company does not improve and you cant pay back.
To be sure,I would not spend anything of this money.