Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Some Bits

Things have been a bit weird around here the past few days. Pieter has come down with a pretty nasty cold, and has stayed home from work. I try to keep him company, of course, even if it means upsetting my own schedule. Apparently I'm also virtually immune for whatever bug he's got, as I haven't experienced anything more serious than a somewhat sore throat which is nothing compared to what Pieter is going through. I guess someone has to be the superior one :)

Last night I woke up around 3 AM feeling rather weird. For some reason I had this strong thought that everything was completely futile since all I'm getting are conflicting opinions and such on tests and everything. I must admit that I go through periods of this during the day as well. My dreams have been fairly calm when I remember them. One of them seemed to involve construction work, which is generally a good sign. I didn't remember enough of it to write it down, however.

I finally got the DVD of the TV broadcast on Omroep Flevoland's Vrije Vogels. I have subtitled it and put it on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXO6v2hnLP4. I'll also put it on my site's Media page.

Tomorrow I'll have to suffer through another hair-removal session. Unfortunately I had to borrow money again as the Bbz stuff is taking ages still. It's up to 3 months now. Tomorrow I'll call my contact person at the Zelfstandigenloket Flevoland and ask for a status update and possibly that advance amount of money he talked about before. It'll be nice to not have any financial troubles for a while.

I finished another page of the third chapter of my Zelda: Ocarina of Time novel today. With some luck I'll finish the chapter this week. Of course I have a lot more work to do, including stuff on the new Nyanko website, Jan's site, the Lilium simulation demo and a few more tidbits.

As for the Grazia magazine publication, it seems like nothing will change there. The journalist told me that this was the expected publication date for her as well, at least in about two months time. She did however agree that by December the article is likely to be outdated and that this is a shame for both me, her and the Grazia. Ah well.



zakir ahmed said...

hey awesome video :D .. nice dress and btw you look a little chubby :P.And did i see a train behind your gym ?

grim4593 said...

I watched your vid. Came out pretty good. A celebrity now :)

Maya Posch said...

Thanks, guys :)

Zakir - That's a train, yes. It's the main (and only) line running through Almere (my city) ^_^

And thanks for calling chubby, I knew I should have gone on a diet sooner :(