Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Annoyances And Progress

Any person I meet I try to give a fair chance at proving him or herself to me, and I try to be patient and open whenever the situation asks for it. That said, I'm currently quite taxed by this friend Pieter has staying over from Taiwan at the moment. I already knew she was a bit 'unusual', but it's not often that I meet someone who is so withdrawn, so impossible to approach, maybe even aloof, let alone possible to understand. I have more or less given up on trying to start even a basic conversation and went to my beauty salon appointment this morning sooner than usual just to get away from it all. There's something unnerving about having someone staying at your place who is essentially a stranger and does everything possible to keep things that way. It creeps me out. I know it isn't nice to say, but I'll be glad when she leaves tomorrow.

Despite all this, I had a good day yesterday, despite or maybe thanks to a dose of sleep-deprivation. I completed some resources for TileWars, mostly for the menu and finished a mockup of the site design I'm making for my cousin's business. I also wrote the first page of part 5 of In Between and Neither, which I intend to finish later today. I'll also check out the 3D capabilities in Photoshop CS5 and get the first avatar model coloured. Using Genetica I will try to create a mockup of the Nyanko splash screen. It's a busy schedule for sure.

As an aside, I mentioned the aftershocks of my dating adventure before. When I returned home earlier from my appointment Pieter and his friend were watching a Friends episode (a New Year one). At some point there was some kissing and I really couldn't look at it as it made me feel very ill inside. It's the first time I have felt like that. I'm not sure what it means.


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