Thursday, 16 September 2010

Down The Trenches We Go Again

I'm beginning to discern a pattern: talk in-depth about my troubles and wake up the next day feeling like a wrung-out towel. This time around I even got some extra fun, with me feeling utterly nauseous last night for the better part of an hour while I was lying in bed. Most unpleasant. This morning - which started at around 4.50 AM for me - I awoke to a headache, as well as being overly sensitive to sounds and lights. Yes, like a hangover, but without the drinking the day before :)

Yesterday morning I had my second torture appointment of the week, followed by rushing home to ready myself to catch the first train to Amsterdam where I met up with my friend, after which she and I left for the Film Museum, at the Vondelpark. At that point I had had breakfast and a quick lunch involving a croissant with jam, she had had nothing yet. She tried to convince me to eat something as well, but I said I wasn't hungry. Which I wasn't.

The movie Casablanca is interesting. It is set in late 1941, right after the German invasion of France and in particular Paris, which isn't a setting we get to see very often in movies, unless I missed some. For such an old black and white movie it's really great, it draws you into the story, even despite some rather silly facepalm moments in the dialogue (be warned of the 'romantic' scenes), and right up till the very end you really don't know what's going to happen. I'd definitely recommend this movie.

After the movie my friend convinced me to eat something as well, which basically meant a late lunch. While we were sitting there at the table of the restaurant, we talked a lot about a lot of things and while very interesting and probably useful, it does take quite a toll on a person. By the time I got home I literally crashed, dragging myself upstairs for some quick tea while trying to stay awake long enough. I did go along with the walking of the dogs, though, which resulted in both Pieter and I (as well as the dogs of course, but they don't care about it) getting soaked with a keenly executed attack from the rainclouds above. In short: it was dry when we left the house, and dry again by the time we got back. Don't you just love the Dutch weather?

Yesterday morning I also finished part 5 of In Between and Neither. Yes, it's a tad depressing, but hey, so is my life. Just be glad I don't go to such extremes yet as Alice :) To be quite honest I'm glad I haven't been beaten up like she has so far; I did get bullied a lot in the past, but fortunately nobody knew my 'secret' yet back then. Including me. Sigh.

Today it's back to the trenches as I resume my work on TileWars. Expect a big update on that one soon. I also got the feedback from my cousin on the site design mockup I made for her company's site. Got to incorporate these suggestions.

I just hope I'll manage today despite my condition. I'm definitely feeling under the weather, even after sleeping away most of the morning.


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