Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I'm Only A Toy For Others To Play With

Two days ago I sent a second letter to the Dutch Queen Beatrix, the English translation of which can be read here in PDF format. In it I tackle the points raised by the Dutch Minister of Health in her response to my first letter, as well as express my outrage at such a humiliating response. As I mentioned to people I talked about it last week, the Minister's response was akin to wishing someone who is lying on the ground while getting the stuffings kicked out of him good luck and a happy life.

My second letter therefore had as focus to defuse the arguments made in the Minister's response, namely that there is an existing and ready to use law to have one's official gender changed for intersex people, and that the resistance I encountered with the medical system here was for my own protection to avoid unnecessary surgeries. As I also pointed, especially that latter point carries a lot of irony since with the medical system here not acknowledging the existence of intersexuals, hence never diagnosing them as such, the only way to get one's official gender changed is to pretend to be a transsexual and get a sex-reassignment surgery. Irony thick enough to cut with a laser cutter.

The medical system doesn't care about people like me, instead of preferring to play with us like predators with their prey. Same for politicians. Same for the justice system. Additionally because of the uncertainty in our lives we become an easy prey for those who enjoy abusing people. If I had received the medical help I should have been provided with as part of the human rights package I'm quite sure I would not have had to suffer sexual, physical and psychological abuse. Instead I got toyed with like a cat playing with a semi-stunned mouse, just barely keeping it from getting away each time it tries to escape.

Worse is that this pattern isn't limited to the Netherlands. Systematic human rights abuse, discrimination and persecution occurs all around the globe, making sure that there is no safe place for intersex people to escape to. Everywhere we're being toyed with.

A famous quote is 'Do not attribute to evil that which can be attributed to incompetence'. In this case I'm not sure what we're dealing with, however. Is the systematic suppression and persecution of tens of millions of people world-wide not something which has been deemed evil and to be outright rejected by any civilized country? Especially in Europe, which saw many millions of homosexuals, gypsies, Jews and other groups of people deported to concentration and destruction camps during the second World War. You would think that especially here people would be adamant against a repeat of such a horrible thing.

Maybe it's that it's not visible enough. We intersex, transsexual and homosexual people aren't being rounded up like cattle and transported to camps. Instead it's a worse kind of persecution: one of denial and suppression. It's still there, but it's hidden and covered up, not unlike the systematic abuse of young children by Catholic priests. The latter was unveiled recently, but long before that it was well known that it was happening. How could a society stand by and watch on while every year countless children suffered abuse at the hands of perverted old men who called themselves 'Men of God'? Are these children only toys? Do they not matter either?

Where does this terrorism come from? Should we distrust the entire system, as promoted by Anarchism? Are it the self-complacent fat cats at the top who can not concern themselves with the miniscule and irrelevant lives of the regular populace? Have medical specialists and even common physicians become so detached from reality and so captured by money and protocols that the harm they're doing to their patients is considered irrelevant?

Here in the Netherlands the medical system is on the verge of collapse. Indications include:
  • A rapid increase in the number of babies dying right after birth.
  • Hospital infections.
  • Managers deciding who gets surgery first.
  • Managers and surgeons opting for cheaper.
  • Inferior replacement hips instead of proper ones.
  • Expensive surgeries being cut more and more in favour of more profitable cheaper surgeries.
  • And so on.

Combine this with the other indications in other parts of society, such as shrinking the available houses on the social housing market and putting them on the private market instead, rampant speculation in the housing market which has increased prices more than five-fold since the late 90s, making it almost impossible to finance even a basic house. The course of the current and preceding governments in the Netherlands has been one towards privatizing, having even hospitals 'compete' for 'customers'. The result is a decline in the quality of medical care, increasing expenses, far more highly-paid managers, a crumbling infrastructure with public transport becoming more and more expensive.

The only conclusion one can draw is that we're rapidly moving towards a situation not unlike that in 19th century England, where the Industrial Revolution devolved into the worst abuse of a population by an elite minority since the time of the French Revolution. Humans rights are an annoying thing to the elite. It limits them in their ability to gain more power, control and money. Eventually any elite power, if given enough room, will become corrupted by said power. And the victim is the populace. You. Me. Everyone. Intersexual people. Transsexual people. Homosexual people. Bisexual people. Anarchists. Humanists. Christians. Muslims. Jews. Atheists. Scientists.

Everyone but the elite is just there to be toys to be played with. Sometimes toys do bite back, though. Sometimes.


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