Friday, 27 May 2011

Dutch Physicians: A Trinity Of Lies And Deception

I have to write this to express my rage at some recent and some not so recent discoveries.

The first huge lie I was presented with was that of the ridiculous diagnosis of autoparagynaecophilia, which has been fully analyzed in an earlier post already.

Yesterday and today I confirmed two more lies, these involve the genetic testing, specifically that of the mosaic testing. Earlier I mentioned that their statistical probability of 99% exclusion of mosaicism was nonsense, as two tissues wouldn't be sufficient for that. There's lie number two. For the third lie I quote the following:

"Often, most or all of the cells of a single cell type will be composed of a single cell line, i.e. The blood may be composed prominently of one cell line, and the internal organs of the other cell line." [1]

By telling me that a test performed on white blood cells alone (single cell type) was a mosaic test by itself, they lied yet again. When I was talking to this American Medicinal Chemist/Biochemist I mentioned before, he mentioned that he had talked to MDs and that the suggested number of samples would be about 20-30.

Mosaic testing is commonly performed during IVF procedures (Preimplantation genetic diagnosis) using the FISH procedure, where it's relatively easy spotted as you're talking about only a dozen cells or less. In a fully developed organism there's no telling which cell line ended up in one part of the body and which in the other. To have the geneticist of the UMCG hospital here lie to me so blatantly is just inexcusable.

I'm more than disgruntled. I'm furious, and rightfully so.



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