Tuesday, 10 May 2011

John Hopkins Medical Refused My Case

I just got the following email from my JHM coordinator:

Dear Ms. Posch,

"Per your request I forwarded your medical reports to 4 different Urologists to review your case this past week.  Also, I was able to explain to them your exact medical needs from Johns Hopkins, regarding your surgery. They advised me that Johns Hopkins Hospital stopped doing sex reassignment surgeries.

Your appointment that was scheduled with a Urologist on the 27th of June was for a consultation to discuss your case and your needs from Johns Hopkins. After having all four Physicians review your medical records we determined that you should not travel to the States just for a consultation, since the surgery you seek is not available here at this time.

As far as your suicidal thoughts and concerns, we strongly advise you to seek help from the nearest facility in the Netherlands as soon as possible.

I apologize for any inconvenience these news may have caused you and I sincerely wish you and your loved ones the best.

Best Regards,

Maria Katerina Sakaria
International Care Coordinator
Europe and Latin America Divisions
Johns Hopkins Medicine International
601 N. Caroline Street, Ste 1080
Baltimore, MD  21287-0735, USA
Tel: +1 - 443-287-2480
Fax: +1 - 410-502-6395
E - mail: msakari1@jhmi.edu


I sent the following email in return:


But I'm not looking for sex reassignment surgery... I do not want anything artificial to be created or anything major to be changed...

I'm totally confused now... Is JHM now refusing to look at my case? If so, it'll mean that I have just been handed a death sentence, as JHM was my last hope. I'll have nowhere else to go, nowhere else to find the answers I need to go on...

I'm currently on strong sedatives which help, but it doesn't take away the fact that it's only a temporary solution, and that the real solution is to find help & treatment. If JHM refuses to offer this, then I'll be requesting euthanasia.



I later added the following


For reference: removal of testicles is not a sex-reassignment surgery.
For reference: having labia created where a vagina already exists is not sex-reassignment surgery.

I'm not asking to have anything changed, only a few practical things to be done which would improve my life as an intersexual person, but not change my sex in any way or form. What I'm asking for is not much more severe than many regular women receive quite often.

As an aside, the only reason why I can still type this so calmly is because I'm on strong sedatives (Xanax Retard 0.5 mg). If I wasn't, JHM would already have a fresh suicide case to dirty its record.

If JHM wisens up and decides that they can at least examine me and give me the answers about how this body of mine is put together things may turn out fine. If not, I'm determined to make this a PR nightmare for JHM.

To say that I'm disappointed in what is called the best hospital in the USA is a major understatement. This treatment is cruel and unusual.


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