Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Phone Call From Coordinator

I just got a phone call from my coordinator, Ms. Sakaria. She had read the letter I sent her, and she was quite understanding. She wanted to assure me that if there's a cancellation my appointment will get bumped up, plus that I'll be there for a full examination and everything, including surgery if necessary.

A few points:

A sticking point is that if I run out of money, they will stop everything, so I am thinking of starting a donation drive of some kind to get enough money together. The first appointment costs me over $650 already according to the form I got yesterday.

I'll have to figure out how to get an open plane ticket, or at least a convenient/cheap way to have a flexible return ticket.

I'll need to have some place to stay. Hotels are expensive. If I'm staying in the US for a day or ten as my coordinator estimated, that would be thousands of dollars just for a hotel room.

First point is tough. Second point is easy enough to figure out with some help. The third point depends mostly on whether I can find someone in/near Baltimore where I can crash for a week or two :)


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