Tuesday, 10 May 2011

When Things Go Wrong

So shortly after my previous blog post and email to John Hopkins Medical something snapped inside me. First getting discriminated against by my insurance company for being intersexual, and then JHM also treating me like that for being intersexual, accusing me of being transsexual and wanting sex-reassignment surgery whereas I have never mentioned such a thing.

I basically snapped, completely lost my mind, tore bleeding gauges in my arms and afflicted a lot more blunt trauma. Part of me urged me to go to my GP's office, which I did. There while waiting for an assistant I fainted due to some kind of overload and got rushed into a treatment room. My usual GP wasn't present, though, and they couldn't do much for me, so I tried to go back home again after spending half an hour just sitting there on a bench outside the medical building. Half-way through I didn't feel well again, and tried to get off my bike to rest for a bit. This failed and I collapsed on the sidewalk. Within minutes people were standing around me, offering assistance.

The police also arrived and they brought me back to the GP's office. There the only thing they could do was call the crisis center for psychological cases. They'll be talking with me later today. Won't help a bit, of course. I require medical assistance, but JHM has abandoned me.

Chances of finding another hospital willing & capable of helping me is virtually zero now. Tomorrow I have another appointment with my GP. I will then file a request for euthanasia.

If I could I'd live on, but JHM has basically told me to f*** off and die and I see no other options than what they suggest.


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